A Fun Day of Hiking

My head hurts...its been a really bad night. I keep hitting "new post" then popping back to my dashboard. I have a lot I want to say...I want to scream and cry bloggy style, but I'm just not ready to really bear my soul like that, not hear, for all to see...not yet....but I want to blog (therapy? addiction? who can tell).

Deb (I love this lady) over at Dirty Socks and Pizza (and I love her blog!!) is hosting a First Post Friday and I think I will play along. It is exactly what it sounds like, repost your very first blog post for all to see and link up on Deb's page...FUN!!

I love my first post, I love the pictures. (oh there are two posts with older dates, these are letters to my boys that I post-dated for the boys' birthdays)

May 19, 2008

For months Dan and I have been talking about taking the boys hiking on the trails we recently found out were right near our house - Yesterday the weather was finally perfect for heading out!!

The Parker Woodland, run by the Audobon Society, is a beautiful series of trails hidden away in Coventry RI. It is the perfect spot for an easy day hike and some exploring with a crazy little toddler (while carrying my gentle giant Jack). An easy stroll along the orange trail, we encountered all sorts of little wildlife, but mostly birds. When we were quick enough (and quiet enough) we could spot chipmunks running past, and we were lucky enough to find one little garter snake along the trail on the walk back to the car. Tommy loved walking on the wood planks on the trail, especially over the water. He liked the echo of his steps as he went along them. We were blessed with the perfect weather for a day hike, bright and sunny, but not too warm and with a quiet breeze the kept us comfortable.

I don't know that Jack really even knew we were on a walk. After a quick snack he was out, and slept through the entire hike. Ah, well, such is infant-hood.


  1. A Deb linky dropper here.

    It is always neat to do those firsts - great memories.

  2. Came over from Deb's. Such cute photos. Isn't this fun?

  3. Great post to repost. :)

    I tried to use my new siggy yesterday and blogger wouldn't let me upload it. I'll try again on my next post!

  4. i hope you are feeling better! some days i wonder if i should have a secret blog where i can just go berserk and get it all out. i would think it would make me feel better. who knows...

    your first post was so sweet! were you posting for family to see or just as a record of your fun outing?

    isn't it funny how boys are fascinated with snakes?


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