Beginning the Detox

So I have been thinking a lot about our finances lately. We are a mess. Its not that we don't make enough or that trying circumstances have hit us hard - we are just a mess of our own accord, spread too thin and "enjoying" too much. So now what?! Now we get it under control I guess. I have read books and blogs, made spreadsheets and great plans, talked about it, complained about it, but really have gotten no where. Today that stops, today we start our financial detox.

My inspiration has been from a blog called The Simple Dollar. Trent and his family in a very short time have minimized their debt and found themselves some security, through simple discipline and proper planning.

So now here we are today...Day 1 of our detox. The plan is to have a money free week. The only thing that we are to spend money on are gas for Dan to get to work, and any reimbursable work expenses for me (tolls parking etc). No cash found or won, no change from the jar, no credit cards, nothing. I am planning on us doing this for seven days.

Why a detox?
Well I figure getting our finances in order and our debt paid down is going to be a lot like going on a diet - this is like getting the sugar out of our system. This also gives us a week to set up a plan and organize our budget. With no money going out there will be no surprises this week (ideally) and by Saturday I will be able to sit down and get a plan for us.

Why this blog?
I need accountablility and traceability. If I think people may be reading my posts I am going to keep on top of things (I like to brag when I do well ;) Also I want a single place to go to to see what we have done, what we have planned, what our goals may be.

Wish us luck!!