Photo Flashback Friday

If you haven't noticed yet, I love having themes for my weekdays (hence my post last night). I haven't really found anything for Friday's, but my friend Kameron gave me the idea for Flashback Friday - I figured I would add to that - make it a photo flashback (I'm sure you have also noticed that I love posting pics too)

Hiking Mt Manadnock (N.H) July 2005 This was a great camping trip with some friends we had just made. Just 3 weeks following our honeymoon, it was a great relaxing trip.

Well maybe the camping was relaxing - the hiking was intense
Funny thing is though, I had hiked this mountain many times as a child/teen
This was my first time hiking it in many many years
You can't really see in these pictures
We were exhausted
But it was wonderful
Oh and my friend in this pic (in the middle) was 3 months pregnant when we hiked up the mountain - she was the first one up - put us all to shame (she is the mommy of Tommy's girlfriend Caitlin)


  1. This is a great Flashback Friday and would also be perfect for Photo Story Friday. There would be alot of participants who would love to read your posts. Maybe try it next week!

  2. Flashback Friday....what a great idea! I may just have to borrow it every now and then. That is, if you don't mind of course. :)
    I used to love to hike....but that was well before the babies!


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