Giving for Thanksgiving: Extended to Dec 3rd

UPDATE: Winners announced here...if you missed this one...no worried I plan to do another giveaway soon(-ish)
As I mentioned in my previous post - I am blown away by the generosity of others, people, most of whom I have not met, spent their time and money putting together this wonderful Thanksgiving basket for my family.

I want to have a give away...a little contest of some sort - a way to give to others, most of whom I have not met...at least not IRL. Obviously (again if you read this post) I do not have a wealth of items or money to give from, so I am giving the only thing I can think of, a bloggy face lift. To the winners I will do a background, header, and if they wish, a sidebar button. The design options are limitless, there are many digital kits out there that we can use or I can create something totally original for you.

If you want to see what I have done (other than this blog) you can check out my 101 Blog, Kameron, Felicia (background only), Shel Belle Scraps and Jenny. I also made the Working Mom, Praying for Ryan, and Westin Buttons on my sidebar....oh and the ornament above - I just created that today.

The Rules are pretty simple

Leave me a comment and tell me something special about the holidays for you (whether a story from christmas/thanksgiving past, a family tradition, or just the feeling you get...whatever you feel like)

I will pick the 2 or 3 winners Wednesday Dec. 3rd, sometime in the afternoon (using random.org)

I hope you all like this giveaway...its my way to give back to all the bloggers that make...well...blogging...so much fun (and it my very first ever giveaway)!!


  1. This is my first time to your blog, so I'm going to have to click over to the other links after this...I love spending time with family, and eating homemade rolls dipped in gravy. YUM!

  2. I love blog stalkers! Anything to find more online friends!!

  3. You just keep getting more creative. Your blog, all the buttons and now that ornament. I love it.

    Thanksgiving always reminds me of my Grandmother, who is no longer with us. She prepared for it for at least a month. I loved everything she made, especially her stuffing and yams... She would not let anyone, and i mean anyone, lift a finger. She did everything herself, and enjoyed every minute of it. Her house always smelled so wonderful.. I can only pray that I may replilcate one tiny portion of it. She is always in my thoughts, but more so at Thanksgiving.

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  4. Okay, I could not remember if you had blog approval on comments or not. I wrote this big long comment, and either something happened to it, or you have blog approval. Okay, I will see, once I hit post. =)

  5. Hey Liz! Your blog is looking Amazing! Wow. I'm impressed. =)

    As far as a story...hmm. Well, I'll just tell you what I've been thinking about tonight.

    I've only been pregnant through all the string of holidays once (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years), which is surprising considering I have had 4 kids in 4 years. =) It was with Eli. I was around 16 weeks at Thanksgiving, and we hadn't told anyone in our family, as we were hosting Thanksgiving for a bunch of out of state relatives and we wanted to surprise them.

    We didn't tell them all day long, then when my cousin was saying the blessing, Ava, barely two, suddenly piped up and said "We're getting a baby!"

    Well, they were shocked, to say the least. But so excited! Then Christmas came along, and it was such a great holiday. The kids were so excited about their brother, and New Years Eve was the last night I got to spend "out" with friends before I was put on bedrest.

    All the holidays that year were so special and normal...I look back on them so fondly, as they were both the first and the last holidays we ever got to spend with Eli...the last holidays that would ever go by for us that were sweet instead of bittersweet, the last ones that would be purely joyful instead of laced with sadness. In a weird way, though, I love that I got those holidays with him...it makes him more real to me.

    And that was depressing, and it shouldn't count as an entry at all. How about this...

    What I love about Thanksgiving is Green Bean Casserole and Sweet Potatoes. =)

  6. What a great giveaway - something really from the heart!

    My Thanksgiving memories are alway of my mom cooking in the kitchen. I think she made 32 straight Thanksgiving dinners before one of the kids finally took over. She always had a million things going at one time, and it always seemed so perfectly orchestrated. She always made everything from scratch, started cooking several days in advance, and we had leftovers for several days. Everyone was always welcome to our Thanksgiving table. Our Thanksgivings as a family always bring such warm, fun memories that would kick-off the holiday season.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. One of my favorite times of the season is when we decorate our Christmas tree. We have ornaments from when we were first married, ornaments with pics of the boys at various ages, etc. We all decorate the tree together. We play Christmas music, and eat special treats. We laugh and carry on and have a blast@ It's just a special, fun-filled family time.

  8. Hi Liz! My favorite time of the whole holiday season is this really worn in Christmas Carol book for the piano. I have had it since I was little and every year from as far back as I can remember, I sat on my mom's lap on a chair right next to the tree and we sang every song, word for word, in the whole book. We did this every Christmas Eve night after we got back from my grandmother's house, and did so right before I headed off to bed.

    The book is very worn, with torn edges and the cover has fallen off--it's at least 30 years old(!). It is so special to me as it is such a sweet memory.

    The sweetest part is that now my daughter and I sit with my mom and sing it now. My mom is 74 and I know her time is closer than I would ever want to imagine. This book symbolizes such dear things to me that if there was a fire it would be one of the things I grabbed!

    So now that I am all teary, I will end this post. Chelsea just pulled the book out two days ago and neatly set it in our basket of christmas books by the fireplace, where this year we will sing it together.

    I am looking forward to it! : )

  9. Congrats on being the Top Dog, I mean Top Blog!

    One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is getting a wake up call from my dad to turn on the radio and listen to the annual airing of the really long song "Alice's Restaurant." Every year, like clock work, I can count on it!

  10. Favorite memory: cutting down the tree.

    I am visiting from Blog Stalkers Unite!

  11. My favorite thing is definitely that we all get new matching pj's on Christmas Eve. We take a picture every year.

    It's so fun.

  12. Thanks for offering your time to creat a blog for a lucky winner! So kind of you. My favorite holiday memory was last year. All of my dreams and wishes had come true as we shared our 1st Christmas with our new little girl. Nothing is better than watching Christmas through a child's eyes. Especially when that child is your own.

  13. My kids could use a new style for their blog!

    My favorite holiday memory? Well, okay, it wasn't necessarily a "good" moment, but... Christmas Eve 2006 I was bringing the kids to visit their dad (while we were weren't together). It was still relatively early in the afternoon to allow for the four hours of travel required between my house and where he was headed after he picked them. I'm cruising down the highway in my nasty little Kia Sephia (loathed that car!) and all of a sudden the car is making this terrible, awful, no good sort of the engine-is-dying type noise. I know absolutely nothing about cars, but I immediately flip on the flashers and slow down to ease over onto the shoulder. Once the car isn't moving there isn't a speck of noise; which I find confusing. So, remembering that I had a sort of bum tire on the back end, I peek my head out the drivers door and sure enough -- flat as a pancake rear tire. Oh, was I MAD!

    Anyway, after calling all the appropriate people, a very scary looking tow-truck driver and husband #2 arrived. I went sobbing with scary two truck driver to his little shop where he gave me the best Christmas present ever (at that moment): a refurbished tire for my car, with decent treadware, for $20.

    Which almost made up for the fact that I then put a ding in husband #2's car at Walmart a little later cause the wind caught the door of my car.

    Okay, so it's not traditional, but 2006 was a good year; kind of.

  14. oh this is AMAZING! I REALLY want this! I am NOT computer savvy and had a friend do my header and button..and my background is completely generic! I would love to have it a little more PERSONALIZED! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for this chance...you ROCK!

    Ok..back to Christmas..I LOVE IT! My two aunts that are more like two other moms come in town and we spend the whole week together! The week is full of late nights, LOTS of food, pjs, shopping, giggles, memories, and more food! My favorite memories are from these weeks around Christmas! Our biggest tradition is doing fondue on Christmas Eve...then load up in the back of a truck with hot chocolate and go look at Christmas lights!

    Thanks again for this fantastic giveaway! :)

  15. What an awesome give-away!! I am visiting via the SITSmas card list! (love today, BTW!)

    Let's see, what can I add about the holidays...

    One of my favorite tradition growing up was Little Christmas Eve.

    One year when I was about 4 or 5, my mom really waned to watch White Christmas on VHS. My grandma rented it for her on December 23rd. My parents invited another family over to watch the movie with them. The visiting family brought wine, and my family had various snacks, cookies, and fudge to serve. The two families decided to start a tradition, so every year on December 23rd, the families get together, alternating houses. This became Little Christmas Eve.

    The visiting family brings the wine, and the hosting family provides snacks, cookies, and fudge. It's a wonderful way to kick off Christmas!! We enjoyed the festivities as kids, and now we get back to join our parents with our own kids when we can. :)

  16. I remember pulling in the driveway, seeing my children on the roof, decorating for Christmas with their dad. They were about 8, 6 & 5. Christmas lights on roofs still make me very nervious! But oh, how those kids loved to help! Sez Dad: "They were being careful."

  17. I was clicking over to see how you were doing with your goals...just love reading about it! I really want to join in and plan to once I get my other blog organized... Cute face lift too! I really would love to give discursivelyhappy one too! :-)

  18. Ahhh, shoot, I am going to be a hypocrite right now... post twice but not to get my name in twice, I promise, I just forgot to answer your question! Sorry! I love having my kids home from school, to relax, and be stress free, well maybe not stress free but I do love having the family together for the holidays!

  19. I missed it! BOOOOOOOOOOO!! Oh well, maybe next time!


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