The Great Tree Debacle

Yesterday morning the littlest guy and I got up early (his choice not mine) and headed out to the stores (now that was my choice). I prepared myself for the worst...it actually wasn't too bad. We got to the mall around 6:30am, managed to hit The Disney Store, Macy's and Old Navy there, and then moved up the road to Target. Other than a couple crazy have-to-run-through-the-store ladies, it really wasn't bad. I actually enjoyed my time with my baby boy. And while I felt kind of messy when I left the house, I was relieved to see I wasn't the only crazy haired mommy out there. I would definitely do it again next year.

Once we got home we gathered the two biger guys and headed out to the tree farm...this is where the day got interesting. We hopped in the Trailblazer, discussed the fact that we needed gas, and found the tree farm. Once we pulled in, we realized that we forgot to get cash....and didn't have any checks on us and of course, as we suspected they DID NOT take credit cards. To get cash of any kind we would have to drive all the way back home (think in RI terms - you can cross our state on the highway in a little more than an hour, a 20-30 minute drive is very significant for any reason). We decided to just forgo the tree farm this year, it just wasn't meant to be...instead we went to Home Depot.

At the Depot we found the perfect tree - the height was perfect, the shape was perfect, it was perfect...until we had them cut the bottom for us - we wanted them to cut just a little bit (an inch) they hacked off about 7 inches and a bunch of bottom branches...ah well, it was what it was, Tommy picked the tree, we had to stick with it. We had bought twine and a knife to cut it so that we could tie the tree to our roof....well we couldn't even use the knife (long story) and the twine was too weak (I refrained from an "I told you so moment" as best as I could). We finally managed to secure the tree to the car and start the slow and careful ride home...

Remember I said we discussed getting gas, another point to note is our gas gage is broken, we go by the miles driven...we now know that a full tank of gas in the Trailblazer will get us 344.6 miles...and nothing more. I thought it was pretty funny, Dan wasn't so amused. Fortunately a good friend was very near by (just over a mile away when we called him) and was able to come to our rescue. After a quick stop for gas (of course) and lunch we finally made it home. After a little cosmetic surgery to the tree, even that made it into the house.

So now, here we are a day later, and all is good again. The car has gas and the tree is up and decorated...We have already promised ourselves...Next year will be different!!

Now, since a post is nothing without pictures...(tree pics will be up later, the boys are sleeping in the living room and I know the flash will wake them)

Jack has had a long weekend

Daddy thinks he's funny!! (I think Jack kind of looks like Corey Haim)


  1. Congrats to being top blog on blogstalkers!
    Cute pics! Gotta love a sleeping baby!

  2. Those pics are adorable! Sounds like you had a really busy Friday.

  3. Oh my gosh - he DOES look like Corey Haim!

    And good golly - where'd he get those eyelashes?!?! :)

  4. The tree adventure sounds a lot like my life--that would so happen to me.

    Glad it worked out in the end (kinda)

  5. What a debacle! Sorry the tree got hacked but I'm glad someone was nerby to help you with getting gas.

    Jack is just so stinkin' cute!

  6. Hahaha! Love your post! Hubby's and boys make life so much fun! :o)

  7. P.S. Congratulations on refraining from the "I told you so" moment. If only I were that strong! hehe

  8. At least it woked out in the end! I am so behind on blogging since my vacation but I am now at my hotel in Boulder after my first day of being pissed again at the Tecan (how is it after 4 months I want to smash it again after half a day back on it!!!???) and I can try to catch up. :o)


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