Not Me Monday & Holiday Crazy Mommy

I feel like I haven't posted in a while...I tried to take a break this weekend to focus on my family.   But Monday is upon us (at least on the east coast it is) and I can't resist the pull of the Not Me Monday!!

 I have not been driving my family insane with Christmas music already - its too early for Christmas music right?!

I did not make my husband drive the family all over the western part of RI looking for the Christmas tree farm I wanted us to go to so we could tag a tree*. Said Christmas tree farm was not closed once we finally found it. I did not then take my two year old who was asking about Christmas trees to Lowes so we could look at the fake trees and goofy yard decorations. He was not absolutely thrilled by the blow up Santa Mickey in a Helicopter - if he was I did not encourage it at all!!

I have not over done it lately and am not now paying for it. I did not have to pawn off my kids on Sunday because I was too sore and tired and hubby had homework to do.

I have not neglected all my fabulous new friends because I have been obsessed with doing my blog layouts.  And I have not been driving my hubby crazy with all the time I have been spending trying to learn how to do more!!  To that end - I did not receive another award from another fabulous blogger (Thank you Elyse) and completely forget to post it, it would be so unappreciative to do that! (I promise I will do it today!!)

*If you aren't familiar - tagging a tree is where you go and mark the tree you would like, then arrange to go pick it up freshly cut. Some tree farms will make a whole event of picking up the tagged trees if you go on certain days (with cocoa and cookies and fun stuff like that).


I have to admit, that I have honestly never been more in the holiday spirit than I am this year. Tommy's first Christmas was exciting, but he was so young, he didn't know what was going on. Last year was fun, but still the anticipation wasn't there - he did love it. I was also a big fat pregnant lady last year and just didn't have the energy, with a new job and an active boy.

Tommy's First Christmas

This year I am excited. Tommy comes home asking about Christmas trees, talking about presents. Dan will be done with school in a couple weeks and we will be able to truly decorate and get into it this year. I can't wait to bake and decorate Christmas cookies with Tommy and decorate the tree, to open presents with both boys. Jack is at the point where he may not know what is going on all the time but he does have a good time with whatever happens to be going on.

I can't wait - I am ready to start decorating...

Tommy Christmas Last year


  1. I've been driving my family nuts with the blog layouts too. I'm working on a Christmas one now. I like your links at the top. I've been wanting to do that, but can't come up with enough links to make it look right! :)

  2. I so want to get in the Christmas spirit, but this economy is dragging me down. I need to focus on what is important.
    How did you put your links at the top, BTW?

  3. Cute picture of Tommy with the Christmas lights! Absolutely ADORABLE!
    We're really in the Christmas spirit around here, too. We're planning to put our tree up before Thanksgiving year, a first for us. We can't wait!

  4. We too are already listening to Christmas music.Found you over at MckMama's. Love your layout!

  5. The new layout looks great! I want to know how to do it!!!

  6. What Christmas tree farm do you go to? I would love to do that. I am hoping that Nathan has a better understanding of what Christmas is this time around. I have already made it a point of geting him to like Santa. I want a good picture when we go, not a freaked out kid! Wish me luck on the flight, I might just take your suggestion!! :o)

  7. I am so not teaching kids about Christmas songs in Sunday School. I absolutly LOVE Christmas music and am not already listening to CDs that I have of it :)

  8. I am patiently waiting until the day AFTER thanksgiving to put up the Christmas decor.


    And we forgive you for ignoring us. *hmph*

  9. That all sounds so fun and exciting...just be sure to PACE yourself and don't overdo!!! Believe me, I know from experience! :o)

    Your pictures are adorable. And, I like the new blog layout.


  10. Great Not Me! post. And I love that picture of Tommy in the lights last year - what a great shot that will be a favorite year after year.

    Take it easy on yourself!

  11. I suck at blog layouts! Teach me how to do it. Your blog is awesome. :) Our hubbys must be fraternal twins.. I also do NOT drive mine crazy with early Christmas music. Hahahaha

  12. I am so into christmas this year also, I have been searching for chirstmas music and they haven't started playing any, and I am not to lazy to go buy any, ha!

  13. I'm with you, sister; I may change my blog playlist over to Christmas music any day now! My boy and I watched Christmas movies yesterday, and I'm already contemplating getting stuff down and dusting it off. I'm ready for the twinkle and glow of Christmas lights; I love it at night when all the other lights are off.
    Holiday blessings!

  14. Ha! I love this list. I have been feeling a blog redesign coming on too. It is amazing how this stuff sucks you in.

    Love the pictures too. My daughter's preschool has been doing lots of Thanksgiving themed activites, so we really have not gotten into Christmas here yet. Can't wait though!

  15. I loveloveLOVE that last picture of Tommy among the Christmas lights!! Adorable!! (And pretty artsy too!)

  16. Great not me's and love the photos. Your blog is looking fabulous.

  17. Great Not Me's and I love that picture of Tommy sitting in the Christmas lights.

    When my girls were little (before they started preschool) we would make a paper chain of something "fun" to do during the entire month of December. Most of the stuff was Christmas related.

    They loved that Christmas chain!

  18. Oh girl I feel you! I am driving everyone nuts with all the Christmas stuff!!!


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