Small Fryday Contest

Yesterday may have been Fryday, but I'll still throw my name (and blog) into the pot. Check out MckMama's blog Here to see all the details of this fun contest she is holding. She is giving away a lot of great goodies!!!


  1. Hi Liz!! Thanks for your comment today. I think that Search the Scriptures book is awesome, and would be a great place to start! Did you check it out on line and look at the sample pages? There's a link from my post. I'll pray for you. :)
    And I shall now check out Fryday... thanks! Hugs

  2. I would LOVE for you to help me with the blog button! I had sent an email to you earlier today, asking for your help...it was to your gmail address. I guess you didn't get it...must be out in cyberspace somewhere. :o)

    Thanks so much

  3. You changed your blog front! I love the new design! Its GREAT! I almost didn't recognize you..I had to scroll down and make sure I was on the right Blog! LOVE IT!

    My reason for stopping by is to let you know that you are on my Bloggy Friend. You have been added as the TOP BLOG! (A little earlier..I don't think I will make it to Midnight, I'm exhausted) This isn't a perfect science, they will just have to keep visiting I mean stalking to see your welcome!!

    Enjoy being stalked My Bloggy Friend!
    -The Blog Stalker

  4. Came across your blog through Blog Stalkers Unite this morning. What fun! I adored the story about your wedding dress. In addition to seeing photos of an absolutely gorgeous gown, it was wonderful to read the details about the alternation process and your grandmother.

    Great posts should not be forgotten. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.


  5. Congratulations being the very first Top Blog on BSU!!

  6. LIZ!!! I created a special award just for you!! Come to my site and get it. :) Hugs


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