Baby Steps, Small Progresses

We are working our way towards succeess, slowly but surely. Unfortunately our family has taken some financial blows recently with medical issues and delayed disability payments, but we are on the upswing once again, and I have faith that we will see success as long as we keep plugging away at it.

I wish I had some amazing successes and wonderful accomplishments to update you on, but I have few. I need to spend some time looking over my list, maybe reorganize it a little so I can find my goals easier, and then start to focus once again on accomplishments.

I am sorry I have slid on getting us all up and running as a social ring of bloggers, all striving to reach our 101 in 1001. I have signed up to set up a blog ring - but haven't really gotten that set up like I would like to. I need to spend a day focussing my energy on this task and get us all listed in a spot so we can all find each other. I had set up Mr Linky previously, but I haven't really kept up with it. Alternatively I am thinking of creating a static page that can be easily accessed that I can keep updated with other bloggers who are attempting the 101 in 1001.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know...I promise I will be a little more regular keeping this updated and if we get something social up and running I will maintain it.

Love to all that follow along with me on my journey...