Ending the Year With A Bang

...or maybe a writing assignment.

As all three of my boys are in bed I decided what better way to celebrate...and I am racing the clock with 15 minutes to go in 2008!! I am once again (after a 3 week? hiatus) participating in Mama Kat's weekly writing assignment. The prompt I have chosen...

Close out 2008 with my own personal top 10 list.

The top 10 things I've accomplished by starting a blog in May

10. I've written a lot of posts (almost 200 now)

9. I have 54 followers...cool...people are actually reading what I have to say (or maybe just looking at the pictures or laughing at me - either way I love the company)

8. My typing skills have taken off - when you write 4+ posts in one day you have to be quick!!

7. I now take hundreds of pictures of my children...daily...so I can be assured when I post I will have a pretty picture to share

6. I now take hundreds of pictures of random crap (when my husband realized I took pictures of my pots and pans and my bread maker he was less than impressed)

5. My blog has multiplied - I now have another just for my 101 goals in 1001 days, another for any pictures that I fall in love with that I have taken (and some photoshop fun), and a third (very new one)  that focuses on me being me and having to work and not so much my family (what can I say I like to categorize things)

4. I am motivated to talk about doing things so that I can brag about them later, if I ever actually get them done

3. I know how to write html code to put a border around a blog header, column, post, picture, word...you name it

2. I have made new wonderful and amazing friends!!

1. NOTHING!! I have been too busy blogging to accomplish anything!!

phew....5 minutes to spare....not the most impressive piece of work, but at least I can say I accomplished one more thing in 2008!!

WAIT...DON'T GO YET!!! I almost forgot - today is my lovely friend Beth's Birthday (Jan 1st that is...I am editing so as I type it is today not yesterday :) I am sure she would love to get much bloggy love today...pop by her little space on this lovely blogosphere and wish her a good one!!


  1. Ooooh... I'm your first commenter of 2009 (which, yes, I realize makes me a very sad individual... sigh).

    I'm totally with you on #1! Blogging clearly took the place of my SOCIAL LIFE! ;)

    Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!

  3. Love your blog and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I barely got mine done in time - good thing I'm not a party girl.

  4. Heading out to check your me being me blog! Those are my favorite!

  5. You found me thru Alyson at New England Living... at least, that's the only blogger we have in common :) Yeah that's me, CSI India :)))

    Glad you found me anyway: any friend of Alyson's is a friend of mine. Have a great year and I hope we see more of each other in it!

  6. You're a doll...thanks for being a great friend!

    Love you,

  7. You've accomplished a lot in a very short period of time. Congratulations! I'm the same way with the pictures . . . I pull out my iPhone (I use the camera which is pretty good) and the hubby just rolls his eyes indicating that he thinks I'm nuts.


  8. Found you thru MamaKat...love the blog...and your top 10 list...I take TONS of pictures too since I started bloggin.

  9. While blogging hasn't quite taken the place of my social life, I have made a ton of new friends.

    - Kendall from Mama Kat's.

  10. Blogging is fun, isn't it? I love your list and please do share your html secret with me. I have been dying to know how to put a border around my photos!!! I mean it, tell me!!
    Happy New Year!

  11. LOL Liz...my wife would agree with #10...we have had some conversations about that one...

    Happy New Year!!

  12. Great list! Thanks for all the blog tips! :) Happy New Year! And don't think I'm jealous of your 54 followers or anything... :)

  13. Happy New Year, Liz!
    Thank you for your prayers and words of kindness yesterday. It was so nice to know that prayers were being sent my way. :)

  14. Visiting from Mama Kat's Writers Workshop...

    I loved this! Good for you! How prolific you are! I don't think I could even begin to think about posting 4x a day! Whew!

    And I love how you did the borders around your blog! How did you figure that out? Any place you recommend for me to look at? I'm always trying to make my blog look nicer and I think this helps!

    Happy 2009!

  15. Love the list and now I'm going to have to check out the 101 things you going to do in 1001 days.

  16. GREAT list! I am jealous of your html knowledge...

  17. Oh my gosh you do a LOT of blogging!! I thought I was busy...where's your award?? SOMEONE GET THIS LADY AN AWARD!!


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