Going Greek

I slipped on Goal #50 (a new meal every month a little) but I am back on track tonight, and have another new meal planned for later this week as well. Tonight I made lamb chops with a wonderful cucumber/yogurt/dill sauce (sides were rice cooked with beef stock and butter for creaminess, and broccoli). I found the recipe in my weight watchers cook book, and it was a big success!! Later this week I am making a Veggie Lo Mein with tofu (I heart tofu!!).

I can basically cross off Goal #53, learning Dreamweaver. Sure I am not a pro with it, but I know how to use it and am now very familiar with HTML and CSS and designing with Dreamweaver. (Dreamweaver is Adobe's Web design software - it is amazing!!)

As for Goal #1 I was well on my way, but the weight loss has stalled. Hubby and I now have the same weight loss goal in the same time frame - and have found motivation with the Wii fit. Now I just need to start exercising a little more and I can kick his butt!!

So I have definitely been making some progress. What I like is the fact that I think about these goals often - that was my intent. I am not just looking for some accomplishments, I am also trying to change some aspects of my life for the better, and make things a little better for my family as well. I just need to keep plugging away at them!!