Hit Me Baby One More Time

Actually...as of writing this post, make it about 600.

Why, you may ask, am I quoting Britney of all things...well I guess approaching 10,000 hits makes me a little slap happy.

I have to admit, when I started this blog I never had any intention of even counting my hits. It was really started as a replacement to my myspace page to keep family up to date with my little clan, and I was really motivated by all my fabulous MWP friends and their wonderful pages (you know who you are). I never knew that I would get so much out of this all!!!

I have been inspired, I have laughed with many, and cried with many as well. I have seen miracles that I never thought I would see, and have been a part of a prayer movement bigger than anyone thought it would be. I have been given opportunities to flex my meager writing skills, and (not) confess my weekly transgressions. But mostly - I have met many amazing bloggers, and made some new friends (I was even lucky enough to meet several of you IRL).

I wish I had some great giveaway to offer, or a way to give to back to all of you that read my blog so faithfully (more than I thought ever would!!). Sorry....although I may not have a great give away to offer, I will direct you to another great one I found (no not completely altruistic, I get extra entries for sending you that was as well)

One of my new favorite reads, 4 little men and girly twins, is giving away a great new tummy time mat. This mat is well beyond the traditional...if you don't have a baby, aren't having a baby, aren't sure if you want another baby...this might be your motivation :) So go check out this great give away...and while you are there check out this great blog as well!!!

Keep posted...today is going to be a give away day...I have found many giveaways...one of these days I will actually win something (fingers crossed)


  1. Today should be a great day.......Merry SITSmas!

  2. Have a great day and thanks a bunch for stopping by my giveaway today!

  3. I like here blog too - that was a lovely read

  4. Congrats on all of your hits. I'm nowhere near this number.

  5. Congratulations! I don't even have a counter, so I'm clueless about the hits on my blog. Pitiful, I know! haha


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