How to Play with a 9 Month Old Baby

Step 1.
Check that he is warm, dry, and snuggly

Step 2.
Give him a bottle

Step 3.
Set him up on a comfy blanket with his bottle and some toys

in our house shoes qualify as toys

Step 4.
Sit on the couch

Step 5.
Turn on your laptop and let the fun begin

Before you know it those adorable drool covered hands will be grabbing at your leg, your keyboard, searching out THE CAPS LOCK and then usually, the power button, axxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxccxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxssvvddsd. (Jack typed that while I took pictures...this is a real time lesson folks!!)

Skip all the expensive christmas presents...I promise you, "Mommy on a Computer" will keep them occupied for hours!!!


  1. Awwww! We have those lessons here, too, with a nearly 6 month old. Only, he tries to EAT my hands as I type.

  2. Look at how cute he is! What a doll face!

  3. Mine will be nine months old this week, so I completely understand! He won't stand still for an instant!


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