In Which I Post About Christmas

And what a Christmas it was!!

I realized once I started to type that I have a lot to say...I debated breaking it up into several posts...but that's too much work...so be warned...I am feeling long winded tonight :) oh and of course loads of pictures!!

If I thought it was fun as a mom of one last year - it was incredible this year. Not only was Tommy old enough to enjoy the fun of the day(s) but we had our little snuggle bug Jack there as well, to just smile, be cute and cuddly, and just bring us a little more joy all around.

The festivities for us began on Christmas Eve (after finally picking up the stocking stuffers oops) we headed over to Bobo's house (my MIL) for the party with my in-laws. It was a wonderful time. One of the best moments of the day: One of Dan's uncles (let's call him Uncle J) hasn't seen his son (T) in 4 years ( or maybe even more, I'm not sure). Well Uncle J's girlfriend managed to locate and contact T and picked him up to come see the family. Uncle J had no idea. It was amazing!!!

Tommy and his cousin "A", they are best buddies

One of the best things about my in-laws is the fact that they make you feel like family from the moment you step in the door. Poor T was worried how he would be received - it was with nothing less than warm open arms. The coolest part was watching T and his cousins rekindle their friendships - it was as if they were never apart!!

Jack's first Christmas present (thanks Aunt Pat!!)

Tommy and Jack enjoyed all the attention bestowed on them as the youngest attendants at the party. And this proud mommy has to say they handled it like pros. Tommy partied like a rockstar until late into the night (well 9:30-ish).

Tommy caught sneaking M&M's


Christmas day we had planned to have brunch with the kids and the grandparents, and Uncle Nate and Aunt Sara, at our house, but of course we lost power at 7:30am - and no power for us means no toilets and no cooking as we have a well and an electric stove. Fortunately my mother lives not to far away so we were able to relocate easily, of course not until after we did presents with our babies. They only received a small handful of gifts from us, as the only grandkids, we knew they would get plenty from their Uncle and Aunt, as well as the older generation. We were not mistaken...

Aunt Sara and my neice Lola

Even Mommy got spoiled!!

We had a wonderful time with the grandparents, opened absurd amounts of gifts, then returned home just in time for naps for the boys and lots of unpacking and unpackaging toys for us. We were very proud that we managed to get everything put away, and Tommy's GeoTrax set up before he got up.

Later in the afternoon we headed out to my Uncles house for desert and just some fun family time (and of course more gifts for the little guys) Tommy had a great time running around with his older cousin Mason, who he never gets to see.

Hiding a cookie perhaps?


We were fortunate last night that Bobo took both the boys to spend the night there, as we were exhausted. Dan and I made it home and in bed by 11 last night, we slept until 10:30 this morning. I don't remember the last time I have felt so rested.

So the festivities are over, and the chaos has ended. We had a wonderful time with family and friends!! Dan and I did discuss how next year will be a little different. We want to be sure the boys understand that Christmas is not all about giving. I had hoped this year to participate in 12 days of giving, but we never got organized to do it. We have agreed that next year we will. I want my boys to understand how fortunate and blessed they are.


So good night to all...I hope you all had wonderful Christmases!! I promise tomorrow to do some visiting as well :)


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  1. When you throw in pictures it really breaks it up...that was not long at all. So glad that you guys had an awesome Christmas. Congrats on your nice gift. I wanted that too, but will wait because we ended up with 5 other Wii games, maybe I can dance my way to fitness...LOL. I love their matching PJ's too. Very cute!

  2. Ohh, Wii fit! Nice! We might have to have a play date where the boys play and we play the Wii! :o)

  3. What a wonderful Christmas! It's wonderful to be surrounded by family! Happy New Year!!

  4. Looks like a great Christmas! So glad you got to enjoy time with your family. Hey, we got a Wii for Christmas. Let me know how you like the Wii Fit...my birthday is next week. Maybe I could suggest that for a BD gift. :o)

  5. sounds like a fab day - thanks for sharing!

  6. What fun!

    I know what you mean about the fun of having one old enough to really get excited about opening gifts and then a baby to snuggle and just look cute amongst the gifts.

    We are all so blessed.

    Thank you for sharing!

  7. I just left a comment, but i was signed in with my husband`s google account... `rob carraretto`
    It was really me - Susan from 5 minutes for mom.


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