Interview Update

Just a quick post. I think the interview went well, the guy interviewing me was very hard to read. I have been in touch with a recruiter already and she has a position that seems like a good fit for me, I also just received an email from another recruiter late this afternoon, I will be giving him a call tomorrow and see what he has to offer.

I have decided to keep a running update (of sorts) on my Working Mom blog. I really want to keep this for the family (and of course all of the other fun bloggy stuff I love so much). I figure I get paid to post there and this is relevant to my content (also I get paid per click so please go visit - but be kind...it is still very much a work in progress :)

Time to go a-vistin' some of my wonderful (but horribly neglected...by me anyway) bloggy buddies...


  1. Hoping,wishing,and praying for good news :)

  2. Hope everything works out! The snowflakes look great!

  3. Don't worry about neglecting your blogging buddies, Liz. (I've been guilty of that these past months, too.) Our families have to come first, though. Good luck with the job hunt. I hope all is well with your family. I love those snowflakes!!

  4. Everything will work out for you! God already has it worked out!!



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