Leave No Cheerio Uneaten

I figure it's close enough to Monday to actually post this...its not like I've had it written for hours :) If you want to see more confession posts check out MckMama's weekly Not Me Monday Carnival of fun-ness


I did not just watch as my baby boy climbed up onto his booster, reached over the tray and dangled into the seat harvesting every single little cheerio that he had dropped - of course I picked him up so he wouldn't fall and gave him fresh cheerios.

I certainly did not bribe my toddler to let me get him dressed in the morning, using a cookie.....more than once this week.

I did not take a walk in the sleet to finally get pictures of my street in the snow. This was not after venturing once again to walmart in the snow and sleet so I could get some necesities and hopefully a pair of snow pants for Tommy. I was not horribly disgusted at Walmart for only carrying girls snowpants - I did not for a moment consider buying Tommy the bright red obviously made for a little girl pants out of desparation. I did not also consider buying him another snow jacket with red on it just so I could somehow excuse the girls snow pants.

I did not get absurdly excited when I found an incredible etsy store that has the most amazing fabric. I am not throwing myself into sewing and trying to figure out everything I can do!! I did not completely blow our budget recently buying lots of pretty fabric.


Well tomorrow I return to work - I am definitely not looking forward to it. I am going to miss my time at home, my time being around for my family. I am very motivated now to find a new job, I am determined to find something that will allow me to be home more!!

But here, now, instead of dwelling on the fun I'll miss at home, I will revel in the beauty that is the outside world today. I will marvel at how blessed I am to live in such a beautiful area, to have a 4 wheel drive vehicle that allows me to traverse our unplowed street, and that I have had the option, all weekend, to come and go as I pleased.

Seriously who gets to live here?!


  1. LOVE the last picture :) Sweet boys...can not believe he dived for that last cheerio.

  2. LOL about the bribes! The things us mom's do!!!!I think I did some of that tonight! Heehee.

    And WOW on those pictures! That snow is just crazy!!!!!!! You must have to have heat constantly on in your huse, right? LOL

  3. What beautiful pics! Looks like a great day for cuddling.
    I am on a sewing kick, too. Fun, fun!

  4. Wow, you got alot of snow too. Love the last picture. So cute. Sorry you have to go back to work when all of us are starting our breaks. :( Enjoy it though!

  5. The last picture it just adorable. The snow looks so beautiful! Good luck going back to work.I'll be thinking about you.

  6. Fantastic photos...the snow is beautiful! So is where you live. :o) That last picture is priceless...love it!

    Still hoping for snow here. It's very cold, though. 16 degrees, with a windchill factor of -5 degrees. I've gotta go out today, so I'm gonna have to bundle up!

    I'll be thinking about and praying for you as you have started back to work today.


  7. P.S. A cookie bribe works with my teens and hubby, too! :o)

  8. OMG! Those snow pics are amazing!!!

  9. Gorgeous pictures of the snow! It looks similar to our landscape too. :)

    The first pics of your little one fishing for cheerios are hilarious. ha!

    Hope work goes okay!

  10. Natey tried to eat something that was squished onto the kitchen floor this weekend. He couldn't pick it up so he got down on his belly and tried to put his mouth on the floor. I was so icked out!! I love the last picture it is so sweet.

  11. Too funny and what amazing pictures!! I HATE the cold so have not yet ventured out to take some winter pics. but you give me great motivation. Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas!

  12. Beautiful snow pictures! I have a little one eating cheerios right now. She's be doing the same thing as your little boy later.

  13. What fabulous pics! Such precious boys you have! Sorry about your having to return to work. You will continue to be in my prayers.

  14. I LOVE the snow pics! Wish it snowed more here...but I'd probably get sick of it fast if it did! Your boys are cuties! We are all about hunting for cheerios on the floor...and what Zaden doesn't get, my dogs are sure to find when they get to come in the house at night!

  15. Beautiful pics! I love the one of your son looking for the cheerio! What a sweet family :)


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