Not Me Monday: Post Christmas Post

Time for my holiday edition of Not Me Monday.....read along to find out what I swear I didn't do this past week. Check out MckMama's Blog to see what other lovely participants aren't admitting to this week.

*I did not discover that my perfect, adorable, sweet, perfect little baby boy had pooped up his back. I did not discover this by noticing that he was playing with some in his hands. I did not gag when I got some on my hand trying to clean him up...it was not an awful vile experience. I have a perfect cute baby boy who never poops that much and would never play with it if he did. I did not have to put all the dirty dishes from the sink into a nearby large pot so we could do an emergency unscheduled bath. (I did not follow that up with a good sink bleaching)

clean baby :)

*I did not watch my baby boy pick up a piece of lettuce and try to eat it, I did not think to myself I might finally be able to get one of them to eat lettuce. I am not that gross of a mommy.

*I am not completely overwhelmed by the number of blogs I have to catch up on since the holidays. I swear I want to read them all and I am not feeling horrible that I just don't have the time to comment on all of them. I do sincerely promise everyone I follow and who follows me that I have read all of your holiday posts and I will be a better blogger buddy this week.

*I did not wait until Christmas Eve....late Christmas Eve, to finally wrap the boys Christmas presents. This did not result in me going to bed after 1am and being completely exhausted the next morning. I did not, as a result, completely forget to give the boys their stockings before we dashed out the door to my moms.

*We did not loose power early Christmas morning. We did not have to relocate Christmas brunch from our house to my mothers house as no power means no water (we have a well...pump needs electricity). This did not cause major chaos in our house as we had to get two boys and all the needed items for a brunch packed and ready in less than an hour...with no preparation.

*My husband did not just ask the TV if the Victoria Secret's model come with the bras. When I responded no he did not then say "well I guess I'm not going to buy one of those then" men!!

*I did not spend the better part of an hour this afternoon fishing for lint in our not functioning well dryer. I did not find a scary amount throughout the dryer in places that most people would never think to look. I am no getting in contact with Maytag about this as it is not a horrible fire hazard!! (I did not take pictures to go with the letter) I am not thrilled about how well it is working now.

*I have not found myself torn between my blog and my new Wii Fit...obviously the blog comes first (...or does it...)
*I am not excited that both boys are going to be staying with grandparents tomorrow night, so that I can go to Monday Night Football with Dan and his buddy (I will be the third wheel on their weekly "date night" they'll just have to deal with it...I'm going out!!)

Random pics of the boys in the midst of the post christmas these-toys-are-still-new-and-fun joy


  1. love to read these - we forgot about our stocking as well until they kids saw something poking our at our big breakfast! - 2 hours later!

  2. We didn't wrap until Christmas Eve, either. It was easier than keeping prying hands out of the packages during the proceeding weeks!

  3. GREAT LIST! I hope to return to blogging tomorrow!?! What a whirl wind!

  4. I waited until the last minute to wrap all the girls' presents and paid for it in sleepiness, too!
    Looks like you all had a great Christmas. Glad to hear that Christmas brunch prevailed even though the power didn't! :)

  5. Haha Love the poo story (yuck!) and your husband's Victoria Secret comment. Our catalog came the other day (why do I even get one???) and I swear, no joke, my husband picked it up off the counter and headed to the bathroom for a long sit on the throne. Seriously??? How's that for bathroom reading?! : ) And I hear ya on catching up with Christmas blogs. I was going to post again tonight, like I usually would, but I don't want to overwhelm all my blogging friends!

  6. You win with the poopy story. Sounds like awesome fun. LOL & your hubbys comment sounds exactly like my husband. I don't have the wii fit, but if it is that good...I better run and get one for sure. Pictures are cute, as always!

  7. I KNOW..I feel soo behind in blog world!!!

    And dont you just LOVE those blow outs? :)

  8. Gotta love the baby bodily functions. I had to breathe through my mouth to clean up Nathan's mess. I feel you on the blog reading. I am overwhelmed with how many I need to catch up on.

  9. Oh! I want a Wii! Maybe next year!

    That is crazy that your power went out! Good thing you had somewhere to relocate too!

    Happy Holidays!

  10. I am so glad to be done with the poopy diaper days. My girls got a Wii from Grandma.....I can't wait to go out and buy the Wii Fit.

  11. I bet all men would by buy a bra if the model came with it...lol. I want a Wii Fit!

  12. I bet all men would go buy the bra if the model came with it...lol. I want a Wii Fit! Sorry about the power.I bet that was alot of trouble getting everything packed up.

  13. it is my goal to find the wii fit this week! we got the wii for christmas...and now i want that!! i figure i can 'work out' in my own home and not have to gross anyone out with my jelly belly baby fat! great list! :0)

  14. Oh, your 1st one reminded me of another "not me" I could have posted. My one year old did not poop in the bath tub the other night. And, if she did, I would not (did not) call my hubby to clean it up. (After all, I HAD to get out her quickly!)
    Loved your list!

  15. I've been a slackin' bloggy friend lately too...I think everyone understands.

    Congrats on getting back to work (Does that warrant a congratulaions...?) =)

    Glad to see you guys had such a nice holiday!


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