Not Me Monday

So I'm a little early, but I have lots of blogs to visit tonight and I think it might be a long one with my cranky little guy...get comfortable - I have a lot to confess this week...it's been a good one!!

I did not use my On Demand feature to watch MTV's "The Hills" almost all day on Thursday. This was not after sleeping until after 11. I would never sleep that late and then follow that up by gallons of coffee and crappy reality TV.

I am not totally rocking out to Barry Manilow singing Jingle Bells - nope I'm cooler than that!!

I did not use a diaper to wipe up the ice cream from my little buddy's face and hands. If I did it would have been a cloth diaper, not a pull up that I happened to have found at the bottom of the bag. Its not like I completely forgot to pack wipes in the bag. And if I had forgotten to pack wipes I would not have forgotten to grab a handful of napkins from Ben and Jerry's before I took my toddler to the bench on the other side of the mall to sit quietly and eat our ice cream. As a mother of a toddler I would NEVER forgot the necessary cleaning accouterments.

I did not tear up just a little watching Tommy prepare the heart for his stuffed penguin at Build-A-Bear. I was not taken aback by how big he is getting and the fact that he doesn't need his mommy to show him how to follow directions anymore. I was not both proud and sad of my little boy growing up.

I did not pull everything from my gym bag and just shove it in the washer so I could have it for tomorrow. Of course I went through everything and found my razor, shampoo, face wash, and lotion. I did not end up throwing them in the wash with the clothes, I am not that careless.

I did not run the washer earlier this week, but completely forget to put in any detergent and fabric softener - I am not that much of a spaceshot.

I did not decide to re-upholster the kitchen chairs finally, having bought the fabric months ago. If I did decide to finally start it, I made sure to check that I had all the necessary tools, like a square head screwdriver and a staple gun.

Apart from my transgressions, it has been a great weekend. Yeterday was a productive one, we managed to get a lot of cleaning done, and just had a nice family day together. Today was another nice day, although a lot lazier. With the first snow of the year it was hard for us to motivate. I did go out and buy my staple gun (fortunately I found a square head screw driver in my tool kit) an managed to finish one chair. I am almost done swith the second, but have an unhappy reflux-y teething baby in my arms (finally asleep again) so I might just have to wait a little longer to finish.

I am really hoping this week to finally have my new bloggy site up and running. Its not going to be anything big - but maybe it will grow...And don't forget if there are any bloggy questions you need answered or need help with, give me a shout...I am planning to post tutorials on my site. Wish me luck getting it going - I must admit I am a little nervous doing this....

....Put baby to bed....finish chair....type a little....pick up crying baby again...poor kid!!

anyway...here are pics from our fun day today - Jack's first snow!!

Looking out the window

Snowy day breakfast of fried dough (dough boys - daddy's request)

Not sure what to make of this

A taste of the first snow

Quick even in the snow!

Down the road from my house

Queen Anne's Lace
No diaper rash on this face!!


  1. I would NOT totally be addicted to The Hills if I ever had cable. Nope, not me! :-)

  2. You're prompting me to post early as well, though I'll be way down the list unless MckMama gets hoppin on hers!

    I'm not real familiar with Build A Bear, but I am all too familiar with that sadness that kids growing-up does to a Mom!

    And I want that fried dough! YUMM!

    Great post!

  3. Oh, the hills...I watched the 1st season then I bagged it...want it back though...a sinful pleasure!!! =)

    Love the Not Me's...especially the baby wipe!

    Happy Not Me Monday!

  4. Yeah, I don't ever stay up watching crappy reality tv either...and certainly not "The Hills." :)

    Love the pic of Jack with his hat! Too cute!

  5. Oh I am not so refluxing right now with your sweet boy--send it away--away!--that evil reflux. LOL on your Not Me's...have a happy monday : )

  6. OMGosh Barry Manilow. I am cracking up...can you even rock out to him? LOL

  7. These are too funny!
    coffee and crappy tv sounds like a day in heaven to me!!!!
    wiping up w/ a diaper...hahahahaha!

  8. Nope I do not watch the Hills!!!(wish Spencer would just leave)

    I washed a pen in with the whites after we got home from NY. HAd to throw that load away!

  9. Can't wait to see your new site! I'm sure it will be very helpful.
    Gotta take the girls to build-a-bear soon. Sounds like fun!
    Hope Jack feels better soon. Poor little fella.

  10. Hahaha-

    The diaper creme on his face is hilarious!

  11. It was good to see you guys today. I just realized I had only seen Jack, I think, one other time in person! I guess from pictures it feels like I see him all the time! He is such a sweetie!

  12. The cuteness of your kids in front of the window is too much! And that little chubby baby cheek....adorable.

  13. I am totally not jealous that you have snow nor did I almost fall out of my chair with the no diaper rash on face picture!

  14. Hehehe...great Not Me's and adorable pics! Love the diaper ointment photo...lol

  15. love the not me's. i have never ever 'washed' my clothes with out detergent either. nope.

  16. The gym bag and laundry story- that one I can imagine myself doing! I love the snow pictures. I hope we get some snow b/c my kids would love it.

  17. love your not mes!
    The photos are precious!!


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