This is What Mommy Has To Do...

...When she wants to take a shower.

I was blessed with an unexpected day home with both my boys today. It has been wonderful...but I felt filthy and I needed a shower...since I can't put them in a cage....the crib would have to do!! Tommy was great and "read" to Jack and played with him while I showered - he is such a good big brother!!

Now I am blessed with two napping little boys (one in the crib, one on the floor in front of me...so cute!!) So of course I blog (not like I have mounds of laundry to do...)

We have had such a good day - mostly just played in our PJ's.

So I could do some dishes while Jack took a nap this morning, I covered the counter with soap suds and let Tommy paint - it couldn't have worked better!! I did dishes...and now my counter is clean too!! He had a blast doing it, kept telling me he was painting the counter (and the cup, and the bowl, and basically everything else in his reach)

We did do one craft together (the only really thing I had planned). I have a friend who came back from Iraq recently (he has been deployed twice) he gave me a contact in Iraq so Tommy, Jack and I could make and send cards to the soldiers. I know they probably won't be there until after Christmas, but Jon said they would be happy regardless. (If anyone is interested I will gladly pass on the name and address)

Most of the cards will have a tracing of Tommy's hand on them - he loved having me trace his hand, and trying to figure out how to do it himself.

I made tree, star and ornament cutouts last night and let Tommy glue them on the cards as well.

I have been thinking that my family should join in the 12 days of giving that Heidi over at Sacred and Profane has kicked off. I know several other bloggers and their families have joined in now too. These cards are going to be #1 on our list. (I will post about the 12 days in more detail later).


The boys saw Santa last night - I can't get over how incredibly well it went. When we got to the mall there was only one family in front of us. Their little girl (probably around 2 or 3) was not having it so they let us sneak by. I was afraid that Tommy would get scared by her crying, but not my big guy. He held my hand as we walked up to the sleigh, once we got to Santa he shyly said "Hi Santa" as he hugged the big jolly guy around his knees. Both boys sat quietly and contently in the sleigh with Santa while we took pictures, and Tommy told Santa that he likes planes and to bring an Elmo for Jack. I was so proud of them both - they were both so well behaved and brave - I'm sure Santa can be a scary looking guy when your hardly 3 feet tall.


I finally finished another blog design - this was for one of the winners of my recent contest. Go check out Kelly's page and say hello to her (and her adorable little girl). Hopefully soon Carla's page will be done as well...and then maybe I will finally get to posting all the tips and tricks like I want to.

Ok...I should go take advantage of the fact that my boys are sleeping. (on a side note keep watching, hopefully later tonight I will have some fun craftiness to show off...depends on how it all comes out :)


  1. What a great day with your boys! I especially liked your version of the baby cage. :)

    I didn't know you did blog design. How cool!

  2. WoW...the cage is hilarious and I am so glad it worked :) I would also love the solider's address too :) Glad you had a day off ;)

  3. What wonderful moments! I love that shot with Santa :)

    LOL! We also do the same with our kiddo when we need a few moments with them still in 1 place.

  4. Their picture with Santa is very good!

    All day in the PJ's sounds great to me!

  5. What a very fun day you had with your boys. Great picture with Santa too.

  6. Love that Santa pic! What angels you have!
    That's exactly how I get to take a shower, too. :)

  7. The Santa pic is priceless! Brings back great memories of when our two boys were little. :o)


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