A Blog Lift, an Award, and a Writing Assignment

So really its blog lift in progress. I started last night but it got to late....I am going to add a few more bells and whistles, but basically this is it....do you love my header? Is it horrible that I do and I am not ashamed to say it?! I am so happy with the lastest changes, I needed to refresh a bit.

My new bloggy buddy, Tina at Life's A Journey has blessed me with this fabulous award

Thank you Tina!!! I love that Tina awarded this to some of her new friends...what a sweet idea. I will pass it on...but not just yet...awards deserve to be awarded in a post all their own...no?

So time to play with MamaKat and friends again....I totally chickened out last week as nothing came to me easily...and well...I just didn't want to write...but here we go, time for another fun and lovely (I hope) weekly writing assignment.

The prompt I am choosing:

2.) Other than the birth of a child or your wedding, write about a joyous moment.


It had sat for months, lifeless but beautiful. I tried to hide my longing, but I couldn't keep my gaze from it everytime we passed. We had talked about it, discussed at length the color and where we would keep it. It was purchased as a gift for my 30th birthday, and then it all came down to my loving hubby. He had to work his magic to make her purr, he was the one that would be doing all the work, his blood sweat and tears would be poured into this project, for me.

It took him longer than we thought to get it running, but I'll never forget that day, fully functional and ready to go, I think maybe I even shook a little with anticipation....never again would I have to wash dishes by hand.

(alright...give me a break, I have a husband and two boys a new dishwasher is exciting....this was a very joyous occasion for me!! It ranks right up there with new washer and dryer and my dyson vacuum!!)

OK....two prompts for me this week....

4.) Share the best picture you took last month and explain why it's your favorite.

This one is just too easy and fun to not do...plus it totally goes along with my "every post should have a baby in it" policy.

I swear this has everything to do with the boys in the picture and nothing to do with the fact that I put the train tracks together for him. Its not like I have more fun putting the train together than he does....He does love it, this was Christmas day - post nap - so it was peaceful and fun. The littlest guy was still asleep so we were able to show Tommy exactly what his new train set could do.

And out of fairness....

This is typical Daddy and Jack - I am very proud to say I caught this on the second try. I am also very proud to say Daddy caught Jack on the first try!!

So with that I must bid you adieu....it is time to get ready for work, Happy Thursday!!!


  1. Liz, I am sooo impressed!!! I love it! I love the colors, and everything about it!!!!

    LOL about the dishwasher. At first, I thought you were talking about a new car!! LOL

  2. love the new look...i'm itching to do one for myself again too...and i LOVE my dishwasher and am not ashamed to admit it either.

  3. You don't have to explain to me about the joyous dishwasher moment!! I even had to sacrifice 3 large and 2 small drawers of precious storage space, but it was so worth it!!

  4. Congrats on your award!
    Love, love, love that last pic. How awesome that you captured that exact moment.
    Your new layout looks AWESOME!

  5. I love the new look, Liz! It is super cute!!

    Your story about the dishwasher cracked me up. We got one around the time we were TTC, and I was SO excited! hehe. I love the picture of your husband tossing Jack up in the air! :)

  6. I think it looks great!!!! I'm amazed!

  7. I can relate to your writing on prompt #2. I've traded in my oggling of Coach purses for a front loading washer/dryer set.

  8. Oh, I love the new look!! 3 columns rock! Some day.....

  9. I understand the love of a good household appliance!! =) And the look on your little boy's face is so sweet--look how happy he is!!

    PS-Yes, your header looks fabulous!

  10. Love the new look! Will you be adding your nav bar back in?

  11. I tried commenting yesterday and it wouldn't "send." Hopefully it will work today!

    Love the new blog look. Did you do it yourself?

    Love the pictures and I would be as excited as you to get a new dishwasher. :)

  12. Oh MY GOODNESS...LOVE the new look and header :) YOU did an amazing job :)

  13. Awesome new layout and header. Just beautiful. i love the pictures too. Great capture of Jack! Love it!

  14. Super cute new look--I love it!

  15. You picked great pictures! He looks so happy with the train!

  16. Great story and pictures!!! A dishwasher is exciting!!!

  17. A new dishwasher would be a joyous occasion in my house too! And, the pictures were great!

  18. Love the makeover, it looks great..

  19. Love your sense of humor! I too am thankful your hubby caught your son on the first try and you were able to catch the shot on only the second. Love the new layout too. Looks like a lot of work. Wish I knew how to do all the background stuff on my own.

  20. I swear I have more fun with some of their toys then they do! And that train looks like fun!! If only they would LEAVE the thing connected. You might want to glue it all together...

  21. I do love the new design. I like messing around with mine too, that is a great creative outlet and fun to experiment with. Guess I won't get the "branding" award since mine changes on a whim! Great new look for you, and glad that you love it too!


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