A Little Bit of Love

Thank you Nicolle for this sweet and wonderful award. (sorry I don't know how to put that fancy thing over the "o"...so uncultured...)

Like Nicolle, I am totally shocked and in awe of how many wonderful bloggy moms and friends I have met through my simple little blog. I love keeping my blog going, and playing in all the fun little carnivals that there are. It amazes me to think that so many people like to read what I write and to see what my little family is up to.

Now I am supposed to pick 10 friends to pass this on to, but I just can't chose...instead I would like to give it to everyone who follows me....all of you!!

I also want to thank you for sticking with me even though I have been pretty bad at sticking with you all and leaving lots of love....or any at all for that matter. I am doing my best to visit y'all today and leave a little love!!!

And now...since I hate posting without leaving some picture of my boys.....


  1. What a sweetie, beautiful eyes.

    I stopped by from BSU.

  2. He has amazing eyes! What a cutie...

  3. Model was reading this post with me and said..."Awwww, he is so cute" I would have to agree.

  4. Isn't it amazing how many cool people you can meet through blogging? What a blessing.

    That picture is adorable. =)

  5. Congrats on the award. You deserve it. Your little one is just adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  6. You certainly do deserve the award! Congratulations. Thanks for stopping by and commenting today. Always happy to see your smiling face.


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