Random Photo Challenge: 30th pic

This week's challenge from 4 little men and girlie twins is Aug 2007 - 30th pic.

Oddly enough this is a pic from my 30th birthday trip.   We had been planning to have a big shin dig for my big birthday - but cancelled it when we found out (to our surprise) that I was pregnant again.  My idea of a good birthday does not involve me watching my friends drink and be "funny" while I sit and be pregnant.  Instead hubby decided we needed a nice weekend away.  Tommy spent the weekend with his grandparents, and Dan and I went up to New Hampshire to stay at a sweet little bed and breakfast.

It was a wonderful trip, although unseasonably cold (it snowed up on Mt Washington the day we left).  We had a lovely hot tub in our room, and a gorgeous view of Mt Washington, and some of the other peaks in the presidentials.  We spent the weekend relaxing, shopping, and hiking.  Hopefully someday we will be able to do it again!!


  1. You are so pretty and that color looks great with your eyes. Love your glasses too.

  2. That is a good picture! It is fun to see what people look like since we usually just see the kids! Happy Saturday!

  3. I remember that sweater and when you found out! It seems like so long ago. I wonder when I am going to get pregnant again?? Ugh.

  4. That sounds like a wonderful, relaxing birthday!!

  5. That picture is cool, with the blurry scenery. And ironic that it was the 30th picture!


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