Soda Stream Giveaway

I'm going to go giveaway crazy today....I want to win something at some point!!!  Dee at Two of a Kind Working on a Full House is posting a great giveaway here, this is for a soda stream soda maker that lets you make your own soda at home.  We aren't huge soda drinkers here (breaking my diet coke habit as we speak) but I think it would be fun to be able to make yummy sodas at home.

Check out the Soda Stream website for more info on their products.


  1. Don't miss mine while you are at it!!

  2. Good luck on the giveaway!

    I, too, am breaking the Diet Coke addiction. When I had the massage last week, the therapist told me that sodas, tea, coffee can trigger muscle spasms...who knew? She said if you do drink one of the aforementioned, then immediately drink purified water. She wants me to just drink the water, instead. I can give up sodas better than coffee. Looks like I'll be flushing my system with the water! lol

  3. Thanks for posting about one of my giveaways! :)

  4. Wishing you well in breaking your soda habit. I actually kicked the habit when I got pregnant with Bambam. It was tough! Thanks for the tip.


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