There is This Boy

Tuesday's Tribute
Yet Another Jay and Deb Production.

He is short and sweet
And a little too much like his mommy.

With energy to spare, he tries to concur the world
(or at least his little part of it).

He is quick to learn, wants to learn.
He gets mad, he shouts:
"I can't do it!!"
Then tries again and finds a way.

He will gladly fill you in on his day, on his surroundings;
He will let you know what he sees, what he thinks,
From the moment he wakes up to the moment he sleeps.

But don't ask him to sleep, He doesn't want to,
There is just too much to do,
He is just "too busy"

He fills our house with laughter
Ever ready to smile, to giggle, to tickle;
Always wanting you to join in the fun.

And he is quick to love.

"I love you very much, Mommy"
He whispered while sitting next to me on the couch
He called from the back seat this morning

"I love you too, Baby"
I reply, I will always reply.

There is this boy
He has stolen my heart.


  1. awww... what a great story! so sweet.

  2. Precious!
    Oh, and congrats on winning Chris' photo caption contest!

  3. Its easy to see why he has stolen your heart, who could resist in the face of such adorability.

  4. Aww that is so sweet!!! But so very true!! I don't think anyone can ever explain how much you will love your kids.

  5. what an amazing tribute! it's going to be hard to top this one... can't wait to see what you have for us next week! this boy of yours is definitely an angel.

  6. Oh man...I loved this, Liz. I have a Tribute planned for my son as well, his Bday is soon.

    GREAT post!!

    Thanks SO much for being a part of this inaugural Tuesday's Tribute!!


  7. What a beautiful tribute and what a cute boy!

  8. So sweet! I will eventually get you those pics too. Coming back to work yesterday stinks so I have to remember to bring them and scan the pics I need!

  9. That is so sweet and great pictures to go along with it! He is gonna love this post one day!

  10. This is so sweet! Gotta love those little "mama's boys". I have one myself!

  11. He's is soooo sweet! I love this...mamas have a special connection with their boys. :o)

  12. That made me teary in a good way. My boys are too young to say I love you Mommy yet and I soooo look forward to it!

  13. SO sweet! And I love the babywearing picture. :-)


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