Tribute Tuesday: My Man

Tuesday's Tribute
A Jay and Deb Production.

So even though he is out on his "date night" with his buddy - enjoying a night out of the house, some good brews and free food - I am still inspired to give my husband a little bloggy love.

Lately he has been baring the brunt of my "I don't like my job, I don't feel good, I am hormonal" psychotic wife-ness....and he deserves credit!! (Hell the fact that I am still breathing he deserves a medal...I've been a wreck).

This wonderful man spent the first year of our first born's life, at home, taking care of him.

This wonderful man took care of me and the boys following my surgery this past fall. He made us dinners got the boys up and out of the house, and to bed at night. He brought me anything I needed and didn't let me feel guilty for needing his help.

This wonderful man has many times taken both boys to his mother's house just so I could get a night or day away.

This wonderful man will be spending the entire day home alone with both boys tomorrow....

He deserves a tribute I think....

I Love you honey!!! (not that you will ever read this!!)


  1. He definitely deserves a tribute - what a great husband and dad! I love the pics of you two also - it looks like you're just so in love! (Stopping by from Tuesday's Tribute)

  2. I hope that he does read it...That was so sweet. What a good man you have!

  3. Aww, so sweet. My hubby doesn't read my blog either, but oh, what a kind and patient man he is. If I ever find the words for a tribute, look out!

  4. LOL
    nice post, Liz! And is that a mohawk on your wedding day? AWESOME. Ill be shaving my head again in March for St Baldrick's...do you fun people want to join me?


  5. What a great hubby! Love the wedding pic!

  6. oh you two are so adorable! you are a lucky, lucky woman. it's good to see you recognize it, too! great tribute!

  7. He sounds like a fantastic husband and dad. Nice tribute!!

  8. I love your blog & gave you an award. Check out my post from today.

  9. What a great guy! I hope he does read it but even if he doesn't it's the thought that counts. Love his hair on your wedding day! Too fun!

  10. Very sweet, your husband sounds like he is great.


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