A Change is Needed - and a Project Revealed

I don't mean a blog makeover this time. I mean a life make over, a "somethings not going right" make over.

I am forgoing my "Not Me" post this Monday. I just can't do it this week - not that I don't have any confessions, sure there are plenty of things I "didn't do" this week, I just can't deal with the obsession. I can't deal with this need to stalk MckMama, to try to be in the top 10.

Its more than just that.

Something needs to change, something in my life. Not my family, I am happy with them, I love my boys, my husband. But there is something else. I haven't been happy lately, just with things in general. I have been weepy, feeling sorry for myself. I could blame many things (my job, my friends, my weight), but in the end it all comes down to me.

I am lonely these days....

"what about my social life" you may ask....

you're looking at it.

Now don't think I put blogging over friendships - I don't, I wouldn't - but really there is nothing else going on - my virtual social life is just about it.

I've always said if you are not happy with the way things are then change them. I have never had the patience to sit and listen to someone complain about things they don't like, but do nothing to change them or nothing to change their outlook, their position, their circumstances. I am going to practice what I preach and I am going to do something for myself, for my life, for my family.

Something has to change. And I am going to change it....


So...blah blah blah...poor me....now for the fun stuff...want to see what that teaser was all about?

Yup I've been busy again - another sweet little girls sweet little birthday gift...

So you've seen this pic

Do these help any?

How about this one?

Give up?




Bumble BeeAnd a Ladybug (my favorite)


  1. Oh, those are cute puppets!!!

    Do you have any girlfriends in the area? Is there a church you attend? If you do have a church, are there ministries that you can get involved in? Do they have a womens bible study going on right now? There are so many ways to get involved and to be able to make friendships.


  2. I hear you...and i understand more than you know.
    Cute puppets. My favorite is the lady bug too!

  3. Feeling much the same way. Blogging can really be a life-hog sometimes. I'm not setting any expectations for myself to keep up with Not Me or any other carnival. And I made a lunch date with a friend for this week who I haven't seen in months. I'm just forcing myself to make some eye contact. I hope you find a small group to get involved in. One that doesn't blog! I wish you the very best.

  4. CUTE! I like the ladybug best, too.

    So...uh...not to be a pain but what ARE you gonna do to change it? I'd have to actually step waaaaay outside my comfort zone and I dunno if I can *do* that.

  5. praying for you my friend. i understand the emotions. but i'm so grateful you're sharing them. i absolutely LOVE the puppets. you are SO creative. and crafty. i can scrapbook. that's about it. SOOO CUTE!!

  6. I understand how you feel. I get lonely a lot too. Everyone is so busy anymore it seems impossible to get together with friends. That's something that I wanted to do better with this year.

    Hope things get better soon!

  7. Those are adorable!!!

    And I know that a lack of socialization and doing stuff for yourself can get to a person. This time of year is hard too. Are there any organizations you can join? A choir? A volunteer organization? Any classes you can take?

    I am starting a pre-agility dog class tonight w/one of my dogs just to get me out of the house to do something for just me. I hope you can find something to do too.

  8. Those are really cute puppets! Thanks for your honest words. Your post reminded me that I know to well how easy it is to surf blogland while avoiding taking initiative with the friends in my town. (We have lived here about a year and half and I need to do more to reach out.) I hope your day is fantastic!

  9. Those are soo cute! And..I hear ya about the social part! I joined a local play group...but havent felt so comfortable with them yet! It doesnt help that they're always wanting to meet around Evan's nap time!

    I don't have a whole lot going on with friends anymore b/c my friends aren't married and don't have kids...we're just not on the same page!

  10. I totally wish I would have thought of making these! Bummer!

  11. Your honestly is refreshing. I think there are many of us out there who allow our blogs and blogging community take over more often than we like. What if we don't comment, what if we don't post? What will we miss out on? It's fun to have the blogging community here for us, but it will always be here. It's not going anywhere. (I am struggling with the inability to unplug and focus on things off the computer).

  12. The puppets are adorable.

    I really love Brooke's comment. It's perfect!

  13. I started tanning in January. It's been wonderful for giving myself some me time and for my mood disorder. I hope you find something that gives you the non-virtual social outlet you need!


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