A Day to Make My Heart Happy

We didn't do romance, no candlelit dinners or boxes of candy. No jewelery or cards. And I had a perfect Valentine's day with my boys!! [I love having my house full(-ish) of boys] Instead of the Hallmark, put it in an envelope day, we had a day to make our hearts happy, we just spent some time together doing what we love with the people that we love.

We made cookies

and climbed the stairs

looked at our feet.

and smiled

and played in a big box...

We also painted a bit (my messy artist), laughed a lot, and got my sewing spot set up (I'll be posting about that on Tuesday over here). I don't care that we didn't support the card and candy companies this year (Walmart got some of our money, but that is hardly a holiday or noteworthy event), I think this was my best Valentine's day yet!!!

Hope you all had a good one too!!


  1. Sounds like a great day to me! Love the pictures. Your boys have the most amazing blue eyes! They are adorable. :o)

    Have a great week!

  2. It looks like they're having so much fun in the box! That's exactly how my boys look when they have one! :)

  3. What a fun time for everyone...just proves you can't buy love:) Awesome pictures.

  4. We just had dinner with the family too. Nathan colored for what seemed like hours with my sharpies. I need to get some kid friendly, washable, markers!

  5. So sweet. Liz! I felt just the same way. Having my guys home with me was better than any Valentine's surprise. I guess some people wouldn't believe it-but it's true!

  6. Oh so fun! We had a family V-Day too and it was GREAT!


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