My Tribute to the Tributer

I don't care if Tributer is a word or not...today it will be.

Tuesday's Tribute
A Jay and Deb Production.

I love this new carnival...this little bit of love we all share, this "its-not-all-about-me" moment. So my tribute this week is to one of the founding Tributers....Jay at Halftime Lessons. In this sea of estrogen he is a voice of....dare I say...reason...

ok...maybe not reason...but its nice to have some male-ness around here...and he is pretty darn funny

So why am I blowing all this bloggy smoke up his bum?

This is why...


Jay is once again participating in St Baldrick's day. He is joining the masses (well the many....I would love to see it be the masses) and shaving his head to raise money for research to stop childhood cancer. I would love to give you all of the information, but Jay has said it all and I couldn't say it any better.

So go by Jay's blog and cheer him on, and then go to his St Baldrick's site and cheer him on some more!! And if the mood strikes you participate in the fun - have a shave, do some shaving (I swear I would join if my husband didn't threaten to leave me if I shaved my head....again). Or if you don't want to/can't particpate yourself, support the shavee in anyway that best fits you.

So Jay...this week it's for you....


  1. Hooray for Jay! I don't think my hubby would be overjoyed if I shaved my head either!

  2. That was a great tribute - and it is nice to have a funny male voice out there in blogland. :)

  3. I almost did my tribute to him too! He really does deserve it!

  4. He is cool isn't he? I think he's more the Voice of Sarcasm though. BAHAHAHAHAHA

  5. What a wonderful tribute to the Tributer! I have thought about joining Jay's Tuesday Tribute meme for a couple of weeks.

  6. Nice tribute!! I totally like the new Tributer word!!

  7. thanks for helping jay spread the word! i know he's going to look FAB! i can't wait!

  8. What a great tribute! Yay for Jay! :o)


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