Not Me Again

After a break last week, I have decided to play along in MckMama's not me Monday once again.

I am not too beat to be creative and have written something cute and witty to introduce my Not Me's this week


I did not spend a lazy afternoon with the boys watching Toy Story and Toy Story 2 while Daddy was at a hockey game

I did not accidentally inhale a half eaten cough drop earlier this week.  I did not laugh at myself after doing it thinking how I could post about it if I did a not me post.

I did not abandon my family at the last minute Thursday night and instead go out to dinner with some co-workers who happened to be in town (who I NEVER see).  I did not make it up to them by ordering a pizza for them.

I am not super excited to use the spa gift certificate that I got from Kameron at A Wrinkle in Time.  I am not using it to motivate myself to lose that last 15 pounds, and only allowing myself to use it once I get there!!

My house is not a complete pit, it is not like we spent all day yesterday cleaning it and the boys (all THREE of them) trashed it today.

I did not do 5 loads of laundry this week if I did I wouldn't still have a HUGE pile to do!!!

I am not completely spent and ready for bed, knowing that tomorrow is going to be a very very trying day!!


  1. Jealous that you were ready for bed by 730 tonight :) Love your NMM and 2 Toy Stories in one day...AWESOME :)

  2. I spent all day doing laundry too and the pile keeps growing. Are they changing their clothes just to annoy me or keep me off the computer? I think the latter. LOL
    I inhaled a grape and blogged about it...not fun...I am sorry, but i had to laugh at you inhaling a cough drop.

  3. Enjoy your spa gift card! How nice!
    My hubby glanced at your blog & commented on Jack's pretty blue eyes.

    Nice to have you back! Hope you have a great week!

  4. I took last week off too! I had way too much to do! At least my craft/storage room is now cleaned out and organized. I am rooting for you to reach your goal and have a much deserved pedicure!!

  5. I can totally relate to the house cleaning NM's. It's amazing how fast my house can go from 'clean' to wrecked. :) And the laundry...all I can say is ditto!

  6. We have a perpetual pile of laundry at my house...I've given up EVER trying to complete it! I try, but every time I get near the bottom of the pile someone dumps another big load of dirty laundry on it! Shew.

  7. I need to spend all day doing laundry...

  8. laundry will be the death of me..

  9. Good for you getting out and going with your coworkers! I'm jealous! And I havent seen Toy Story in forever!

  10. Sadly, I cannot relate to your house being a pit. Nope, not me- my house is just spotless... oh how I wish!
    The spa GC sounds wonderful!

    My latest post: Not Me! Monday

  11. Happy Not Me! Monday. You will be using that spa gift certificate before you know it, and it is great motivation!

  12. What...5 loads of laundry...remember those days before kids when we did 2 per week and complained...OH, I WANT THOSE DAYS BACK! Great post!

  13. It's funny that whenever something goes wrong, it's instantly a not me thought! :)

  14. I HATE spending all day cleanign and then *WHAM* 15 minutes after the kids are home the whole place looks like tornado alley again. Grrr!


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