Not Me...Nope...I Swear

Ask MckMama...I didn't do it...nope....I am and always was and always will be a perfect mommy and wife. My laundry is not currently in a pile taller than my son me, my dishes are put in the proper place and the TV is off, classic jazz is playing, and we are all quietly reading our books (even the 11 month old...yup he reads).


I did not laugh when my 2 year old oggled the girl on the cover of the Sports Illustrated magazine we saw while waiting to pay at Walmart the other night. Of course I removed the offensive medium from his line of sight and told him the shame of the swimsuit edition.

My husband and I did not sit in two different rooms, on two different computers, chatting with each other on Facebook. Of course we sat next to each other, in the same room, and had a normal face-to-face conversation.

I am not thrilled the my husband is hooked on Facebook and finally understands my blogging, virtual social life addiction.

I did not let my toddler eat far more raw cookie dough than is healthy...for anyone!!

I did not freak out tonight when I couldn't find the box of birth control pills that the Dr gave me. I did not have to go upstairs to make sure that I didn't accidentally bring the box upstairs when I was bringing my husband his pills last night, I was not slightly concerned that I might have given my husband Yaz!!

I did not get most of the way through a re-design, then have to stop...ugh...I am not planning on once again changing up my sidebar goodies...it is not killing me that I never finish my own blog re-design.  I am not itching to do more already, even though I am not even done with mine!!

I know since this post you have all been holding your breath with me, waiting to find out what we are going to do.  (you haven't?  well I'll tell you anyway....)

I called my midwife last Friday and we talked about the birth control option.  I really don't like birth control and what it does to me emotionally and physically, but the other two options just aren't options right now.  So we decided to give it a shot.  I will be trying out a pill that I have never done before (Yaz) and she highly recommends.  Also I will only be on it for three months so hopefully it won't be too bad.  

My biggest fear is that in that time the cyst will grow too big and pregnancy will no longer be an option.  I guess today is the day that I really say what I know I should do.  Give up.  Give up worrying and wondering about it.  Make the best decision I know how and give the rest up.  Its not in my hands anymore.  Regardless of this cyst if God wants me to have more children I will, I have to give up my will, its not in my hands or by my hands.  Its time to give up....I think its time to give up a little more than my cysts...but its been time to do that for a while now  (I've talked about it.....but talk is cheap...no?)

So that is where we/I am at...(and that is why I almost gave my husband a birth control pill....whoops...)


  1. FB chatting from another room...hilarious and the laundry will get done later :) Have a great Monday!

  2. We've done the Facebook chat, too. It cracks me up. :)

  3. Chatting on Facebook is too funny!!!

  4. HAHA! I have NEVER freaked out about not being able to find my BC either!!

  5. Happy Not Me! Monday. Love what you are doing with your blog re-design, and the sidebars look great to me!

    Best wishes with the next three months of trying the BC out.

  6. I really hope Yaz works for you and doesn't drive you bonkers! BC really can help out with cycsts. Your post was fab, BTW. ;)

  7. BTW, do you have a new header? It's so cute!!

  8. So glad to read the news about your health, Liz. Sounds like you are hopeful that you are headed in the right direction, which is wonderful.

    Your NM's are super funny, as always...especially about facebooking with your husband. My man and I are continually guilty of communicating "electronically" while we are both at home. Funny, but sometimes it is just too tempting to resist!

    I left you a bit of link love on our blog today. If you are interested, check it out. You'll just have to figure out which link is yours, which hopefully should not be too hard!



    PS: Your new header is utter fabulousness, Liz. Great job.

  9. Aaron still doesn't get my blogging addiction. I hope that pill works for you and the cyst subsides!

  10. Corban stops and stares at the stupid Victoria's Secret window displays whenever we go by. *smh*

    I hope that things work out the way you hope they do. :-)

  11. My husband is also addicted to Facebook...I hope mine understands my blogging addiction now.

    Great Not Me! Monday!

  12. Finally...it takes these men too long to understand the pull of social networks. Bravo to getting there in your house!

  13. Awww, girlfriend, that's not "giving up". That's "letting go." Letting go and letting God have complete control. An awesome decision! I'm praying for you. :o)

    Great Not Me's...I got a chuckle our of the one where you thought you gave your hubby a Yaz! Too funny!

    Love your new blog design. You totally rock!

    Beth E.

  14. areyoukiddingme?? facebooking with your husband in the next room?? been there. done that. only with email. and at work. with my husband. in the office next door. ummmm can you say lazy??
    my husband having facebook is a nightmare i don't even want to consider. do i honestly want him to know how much i'm online procrastinating/avoiding work? (here's where sleeping with the boss ain't all it's cracked up to be). he pretty much has no idea i blog, either. it's an obsession he would never understand.
    oh well.
    hey enough ranting. hilarious post, and i'll be back to see how you're doing.
    have a blessed week!

  15. Wonder what would happen if your hubs took some Yaz... hmm.... To funny!

  16. Atleast someone's husband gets the whole blogging addiction. LOL
    That is too funny about chatting on facebook.
    Hope this pill works out for you.

  17. Dont feel bad...me & the hubby text back & forth from the next room! Great Not Me's!

  18. Cracking up over the facebook chat.

  19. Great site, found you thrugh Not Me! Monday. Good luck with the Yaz, I'm curious as to how well it works. I work in the maternity area of a hospital, and surprisingly, I don't know anyone who has taken it. Look forward to reading more of your blog!



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