Random Picture AND They Are Teachable

Playing along with 4 little men and girly twins random photo challenge again this week

11th pic from 11th folder from 2007.  Tommy was home sick with me one day - I think this was late August.


Proof that the XY's are teachable:

Conversation between hubby and I, as the boys run and scream through the room

Me:  I am going to take a shower, ok?

Hubs: I don't really have a choice in the matter do I? 

Me:  Nope

Hubs:  Okay, have fun

See...they are teachable, its only taken 3+ years but he has learned


Conversation between Dan and Tommy

D:  You're the little boy

T:  Yeah, I'm the little boy

D:  And I'm the boss

T:  NO!!  Mommy's the boss!!!

To Tommy's future wife....you're welcome!!


  1. Like your pic - looks like he was getting lots of TLC!

  2. Training your boys so well...You are the boss!

  3. Cute picture of the little one.

  4. Aww poor guy - those sick days are no fun! And that last conversation was funny! Particularly when you addressed his future wife. LOL!

  5. Cute picture and I love the conversation. Way to teach them! :)

  6. He is such a cutie, even when sick. What great conversations, my boys also tell daddy that mommy is the boss, rofl

  7. Baaa..I love that they are trained to know that you are the boss!!!! That is great!

  8. Love the conversation - too cute. You have very cute little boys.

  9. Very cute pic.....looks very cozy.......And great dialogue......the earlier the better.

  10. Heee hee kids say the greatest things some times! AND so SMART too. Adorable pic

  11. That's awesome!! It's nice to know they will get it eventually!


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