What You've Never Wanted To Know

The lovely 3 Bay B Chicks has tagged me in the "25 Things (?)" tag that has been floating around the blogoshphere/facebook(-osphere?) And I have finally decided to actually play along (how could I not after her's were such a great tribute to her friend!!)

So while Francesca did a wonderful list in reference to her friend, I will not be so lovey...its all about me today...25 things you really don't want to know about me...

1. 17 piercings (lacking jewelery at this point in my life)

2. 4 tattoos (someday more? maybe?)

well that's 21 things right....no?....fine!!

3. I think Wayne's World is one of the best movies ever...really...I do. seriously its funny

4. I would love someone to have written a song like "Killer Queen" (by Queen) or "Always A Woman" (by Billy Joel) about me

5. When I was younger I was determined that I would travel the world - I have not seen as much of it as I would like, and while my goals have changed I do still have some of that wanderlust. I look forward to my boys being old enough to adventure once again.

6. I have been to Guatemala, Greece, Turkey (a small island), London, Dublin, Mexico, and Canada...oh and we rode the train from London through Wales - it was gorgeous, but I really haven't seen enough of Wales to say I've seen Wales.

7. I went to Guatemala with a church group and we built 5 houses for some of the residents of a tiny island on Lake Atitlan. It was an amazing trip and a wake up call for all of us spoiled little American teenagers!!

8. In college I majored in Wildlife Biology and minored in Theater Arts. Bascially I spent hours and hours either hiking through the woods for classes or playing in the theater...good times

9. I have had oil spill rescue training and know how to give a duck a bath. I had also spent a lot of time coralling and tagging Canada Geese for US Fish and Wildlife. (BTW...Geese are gross!!)

10. For 5 or 6 years I lived with my father and my brother in a tiny little one bedroom appartment, above the gymnasium at our church. (You would think living above a basketball court and a pool table I would be decent at one of these activities...oh well)

11. I watch horrible tv...seriously...its awful...I'm watching it right now, ridiculous Housewives of Orange County....(amoung others)

12. I have an addiction to buying cutsie fabric. I just bought about 10 (mixed) yards of fabric yesterday to make a million things. Now I just need to get my sewing machine fired up again

13. I secretly wanted to be a clothing designer at one point in my life. Even though I usually dress like a big ole bum.

14. While I was in college my father was technically homeless for a period of time. He was very blessed and was given a space to live at his church until he could get back on his feet.

15. Every now and then I dream about being a pastry chef

16. I have read everything that Hemingway has written that has been published (that I am aware of)

17. I saw Annie Hall for the first time a couple weeks ago (rented it when I was home alone one night) and I LOVED it. It is a great fun movie and totally confirms the fact that I really adore Diane Keaton.

18. I used to be obsessed with Tom and Jerry, at one point I could tell you who produced the episode based on the drawing and music style...I was 25 at the time.

19. I am afraid of just about everything/everyone...seriously, leaving the house at times invokes panic, the idea of attending an event by myself is terrifying....I have learned how to embrace the adrenaline rush of this fear (at times) to make life exciting not crippling (although you still won't find me walking in to a party alone)

20. I used to collect Pez dispensers and have actually been to a Pez convention. That is one thing I did by myself...Pez collectors aren't scary, just a little odd

21. I am currently sitting in our entirely black office on our computer. I agreed to let my husband paint this room black when we bought the house so that I could have free reign over the rest of our domicile

22. I used to want a house full of boys (4 at least) now that I have 2 boys...I would LOVE to have a girl

23. While driving in my car today I had a huge list in my head of what I could write, now that I am sitting here typing I am struggling to come up with just a couple more facts about me that you really just don't need or want to know

24. I have already filed my taxes, and file them every year well before March

25. I love pink and have multiple pink pens and note books.

Whew....I did it...NOW....I have to tag 25 others. I have decided to tag my 25 most recent [blogging] followers, so I can get to know you a little better.

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Wow...that was a lot of linkage...


  1. It was fun reading your list! I totally understand #22. When I was pregnant the 1st time, I was determined that if it was a girl there would be no pink. Purple was the closest I wanted. After 3 boys, my little princess was born 15 months ago. I am LOVING the pink!

    Tom and Jerry is awesome! I love to listen to my kids laugh as they watch that show.

    I noticed you tagged me. How fun! I will try to get to this soon.

    My latest post: Tasty Tuesday: Maple Pork

  2. 17 piercings??? Where in the world do you fit them all??

    Wayne's World IS one of the best movies ever. I quote it from time to time. :-)

  3. I'm not going to ask about all those piercings, but I know for certain that whoever dies with the most fabric wins!

  4. Seriously, 17 piercings? How do you have space for all of that?! lol I agree that it should be valid to use your piercings and tattoos as individual items! lol I already posted this though!!! I think I might have taken it down though... let me look. If I took it down I'll repost it soon! Thanks for the tag!

    And I'm right there with you on filing taxes well before March. I already got my return back!!!.... and it's already almost gone! lol

  5. That is alot of piercings. We already filed our taxes too. Can't wait for that refund. I am going to have to visit some of your links...I am not familiar with most of them.

  6. Where are your 17 piercings!! Wow, you have done some really cool things in your life so far! I love that you went to a Pez Convention. hehe.

  7. I love that you went to a pez convention, that's just so cool and different. What a memorable life you've had thus far.

  8. Great list! It's fun to see what people write. I watch horrible tv too...Housewives of Orange County included...

  9. 17 piercings...Ooooouch! That had to hurt! I'm a big chicken. Managed to get my ears pierced and THAT was enough for ME. We won't even discuss tattoos! Makes me hurt just to think about it! LOL

    I did this on Facebook. I had a hard time coming up with 25 things, and mine were not NEARLY as interesting as yours!

    BTW...I'm very proud of you for facing your fear and working through it, not letting it hold you back. Way to go! :o)

  10. Fabulous, fabulous list, my friend, but what is this business about things that I don't want to know about? That is simply not the case. I loved reading each and every one of your 25 items. Thanks for playing along.



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