3 Hour Tour Project

So sit right down and I'll tell you a tale, actually make that a Photo Story. Yesterday I posted what I could do in 3 minutes - tonight I discovered what I can do in 3 hours!

If you read my Working Mom Blog you would have seen this tote bag that I made on Tuesday
I made this following a tutorial from Jill at Homemade by Jill. When I bought the towels above, I also bought several other sets to try out. One set in particular looked like a great pattern and fabric for a light and fun beach bag.

I am very happy with how this bag came out!!

I even got the piping right this time!!

Now I just need beach weather so I can use it!!!

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  1. look at you - that is fantastic - and piping is sooooo hard!!!!!!! and that is small piping!!!

  2. Your so talented, Liz! I love those bags!!!

  3. you are very talented. thankyou for sharing your pictures

  4. I am "sew" impresed! They look great.

  5. You are so talented!!!

    And yes, Delia and I are still interested in an apron! :)

  6. Super cute! You need to move to Southern california and you could use it practically year round. :)

  7. It looks great - I'm jealous of such talent!

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