Date Night with The Littlest Guy

When I was pregnant with Jack, Dan and I talked about it often, we wanted to be sure that each boy still had some one on one time with each of us, and as they get older I am realizing how glad we made that decision and that we are sticking to it. A couple months ago I had a wonderful date night with my sweet Tommy. (see this post)

Well Saturday it was Jack's turn. I decided for his first birthday he deserved a trip to Build A Bear and a day out with Mommy.

I wish I could have captured the expression on his sweet little face when I showed him the panda bear. He was such a sweet little shopping buddy, he wandered the mall with me happily, shared my treat at the cafe, tolerated Target marvelously, and even managed to make some friends at Jo-Ann's Fabric!!

I am so happy that Dan and I made this decision to have these special days with our boys. I can't wait for the next date....maybe one of these days I will actually get to go on a date with Dan too!!

I think he was a little overwhelmed with all the choices

He loved the panda as soon as he saw him. Didn't want to let him go to get stuffed

After Build A Bear we wandered the mall.
We found these little ears at Pottery Barn Kids

Jack got a new hat!! (Go Sox!!)

But really he just loved his panda!!

Happy Boy!!!

Happy Mommy and Jack back home


  1. I keep telling my husband that the kids benefit from this - but he won't do it!

    as to the cleaning lady - i always get one right after I have a baby as well (csects) and I LOVE IT too!!!!

  2. Looks like fun!!! I love having those "dates" with my girls too!!

  3. How fun and that is awesome that you have stuck to the dates..great job. That last picture of you two really made me see how much he looks like you. Amazing. You are both so cute:)

  4. I second Mimi! I think you guys look so much alike in the last picture! I have yet to brave the whole build a bear experience. I think it might be fun. Do they have T-rex? Natey is obsessed with T-rex, oh, and Batman. :o)

  5. looks like great fun! I've yet to take "easy" to build a bear. I know he will love it! and i love the idea of individual date nights! great job :)

  6. Fun!! Build a Bear is always a good time.

  7. He couldn't look any happier! What a special day for both of you.

  8. Soo cute Liz! How sweet that you took him to Build a Bear--my daughter's birthday party is going to be there next Friday. My kids love that place : ).

    Glad you guys had fun, and you're right, it's a sweet tradition!

  9. So precious! It looks like you had so much fun, good for you for doing this for your boys!


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