The first of many...

changes that is. You might have noticed the new adsense widget on the left. I figured why not. I blog so much I may as well try to earn a little doing it - and it doesn't actually cost my readers anything. I am curious to see how this goes for me. The hardest part is that I'm not supposed to tell people to click on it...Google law....but of course I want to tell you to click on it...but I won't...but if you wanted to....and if you did...well I'll just leave it at that ;)

Change #2 - The List...my list of goals that is. It needed some revamping, I was tired of the jumbled mess that it was. I have some formatting work to do on it, but I am happy now with the organization of it, hopefully I will be able to get it all squared away in a couple days

Change #3 - I HATE the design...so I am changing it. I just don't know what I want here right now. I don't want anything busy, just simple but still kind of fun. I tossed the header a while ago - but right now the rest of it is on its way out as well. I might just stick with the white background thing for a while until I get inspired

So that's the first (several) of many changes coming to this humble blog...hope you like it!!


  1. I've been so bad at this lately, but I think I could change some of the goals I have to accommodate the changes in my little life. Is that allowed?

  2. Of course!!! To me the whole purpose of these goals is to make my life better. My life isn't static, things change daily, my goals are useless if they can't change and grow with me!!

  3. Nice to "meet" you, fellow 101'er! :D

  4. Just wanted to let you know I am joining the fun! Can't wait for the challenge. Thanks for hosting this site for everyone to get together. Looks great!


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