I Am a Music Mom

Several weeks ago I received an email asking me to join the "Music Moms" and review a new musical selection every few weeks. I thought....Why not?

The first selection arrived in the mail a couple of weeks ago and they have asked me to give an honest review of his work.

Corneille with his English language debut CD "The Birth of Cornelius."

I have to say at first I was cautiously excited, described as smooth soul and accoustic R&B pop (think John Legend) I worried that it was a bit out of my normal genres, but the name so invoked the spirit of Miles Davis (with the Birth of Cool) that I was somewhat optomistic. When I received my package (complete with CD, Artist info and interview) I chose to listen to the CD prior to reading Corneille's bio, focussing soley on the music and lyrics.

New York Daily has called Corneille one the the "hottest new stars" for 2009, to put mildly New York Daily and I do not agree.

At first I was neither blown away nor repulsed by Corneille, his music was listenable and his voice pleasent enough, but something was missing. All I could think of while listening to him was a mild facsimile of the artist Seal, but without the range or power. It didn't go up from there. I was unimpressed by his voice and style, but it was the lyrics that finally did me in.

Reading about Corneille, however did explain the lyrics somewhat. With English as a second language (actually third or forth language) it stands to reason that some of the subtlties would be lost. Born in Germany and raised in Rwanda, escaping during the genocide, he has led a full life. I have no doubt that in one of his more fluent languages (He has had much success in Canada, France, and Japan) his words may be more captivating, but in English he just doesn't do it for me.

I do suggest you visit his website and read about this amazing man, I just don't know that I can highly recommend his music.


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