It Was Not I

Welcome to my weekly installment of My Not Me's.....my weekly exercise in denial and admission. As hosted by the ever lovely, cute baby making MckMama. (go check her out...I swear her kids are cute!!)

Now imagine this cute orange button right here, because usually there is one here...bright, orange, cute, declaring this day of denial, but I cannot find the code. Hmmmm....strange....amd I the only one? I feel naked...exposed....with out the lovely orange box....but apparently not naked enough to go to one of my old posts and copy the code from there....go figure....

I did not let my toddler sleep in bed with us Friday night, this could start a horrible habit and I would put him back in his bed right away.

I did not play "catch the baby" with Jack, I would never do that. However, if I did I would definitely not have scratched his little chin....sinc that didn't happen....my first thought would not have been "oh no...he's bleeding...I loves these overalls", I would have attended to his boo boo first and ripped his adorable Osh Kosh B'gosh-es off him and away from the blod later, not the other way around.

I am not still trying to post about Jack's wonderful birthday party. It has not taken me more than a week to collect all of the pictures from all the grandparents. I am not struggling to find the time to actually write the post.

Jack and I did not have the most fabulous date on Saturday. We did not go to Build A Bear and find him a cute panda bear (that he hugged for hours). I DID NOT buy myself a snack of ice coffee and oreo brownie at the Nordstrom Cafe during this lovely outing, and I would never share my oreo brownie with my hardly 1 year old baby. I am not itching to post about this outing at some point, including the hours that my sweet little baby boy humored me on all my errands, including yet another trip to JoAnn's.

Ok...it is official midnight EST...I can post this now....I want to write more, but I am just too tired. At somepoint today I promise you will get to see all the lovely pictures from Jack's big day!!


  1. I understand the concern for the overalls!! Glad you and the littlest had a nice date day!! :o)

  2. I looked all over for the NMM button too! I finally just copied it as a pic & linked. Maybe MckMama is making a new one???

    I never let my toddler sleep in bed with me. :)

  3. I totally get the clothing thing. Hope you have a fab week!

  4. Oh man, I hate it when I let the kids in bed with us...then two becomes 3 nights and then hubs is upset.
    Can't wait to see those pictures.

  5. Your date with Jack sounds like it was so much fun! Can't wait to hear more about it. Great Not Me's, even without the "cute orange button." LOL

    Love ya...
    Beth E.

  6. Happy Not Me! Monday - even without the orange button :)

  7. Oh yah, I always get worried when I don't let the kids crawl in bed. Can't wait to hear more about your date.


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