Musical Monday: Time Out

Musical Monday

If you go to my first Musical Monday post here you will see the 25 albums that had some sort of impact on my life. This is the list that I am using as my inspiration to my Musical Monday posts.

This will be my fourth week playing along, which means I get to showcase one of my favorite Jazz composers, and the only Jazz artist that I enjoy that works almost strictly in the instrumental.

Dave Brubeck's music is to me what I always pictured Jazz to be. This classy rhythmic sound, the music that inspires toe tapping and poetry. The music that played in the background of the cafe/library/coffee house scene of the movies that tried to be more than they actually were.

I have to admit I had a very hard time deciding what video/song to share, so once again I am choosing two. The first is a great piece, I have no doubt that many people will recognize it from various commercials and tv shows. The second is one of my favorites - and up beat, up tempo song that really shows what I love about Dave Brubeck.

Take Five

Blue Rondo A La Turk

I hope you enjoy my selections this week. Check out all the other wonderful tunes floating around the blogosphere - click on the button above and be transported to Jori's blog, or on the button below to say hello to Diane, and for more delicious links.


  1. really makes you want to move!! good to listen to in the morning!!

    thanks for playing!!

  2. Dave Brubeck is one of my absolute favorites. Definitely a good thing to hear on a Monday morning. I wouldn't be able to choose either... Rondo sounds very Monday morning and Take Five sounds very Friday night to me :)

  3. Oh Jazz is such a pretty tune. Happy Monday.

  4. yes, definitely a great way to kick off the week!


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