Musical Mondays: Decca Days

I am playing along with Jori-O and gang for the incredibly fun Musical Monday!!

Last week I posted a list of 25 albums that meant something to me at some point in my life. It was a somewhat ecclectic mix of musical genres and I think it all deserves some explanation.

This week's album is Billie Holiday's Decca Days. This was a very simple and short best of type album that contained recordings that she did while with Decca Records.

This was my first real classic jazz purchase and it introduced me to a world of music I had never known. I would sit up in my room at my mother's house, listening to this tape over and over again until it was almost too warped to play.

I remember this time in my life I also started to open my world up to more literature and music. Jack Kerouac was a common read for me at this point, whenever I wasn't reading Hemmingway, that is (a favorite for years). I would take the bus between my mother's and my father's houses, with either this tape in my walkman (am I dating myself yet?) or the Beastie Boys Ill Communication, and spend hours in Providence wandering the city listening to Billie and stopping wherever I felt the urge to read a little and just watch people walk by.

This wasn't the best period of my life, there were a lot of things going on for me, and I was struggling with different aspects of life in general, but I so clearly remember how wonderful I felt when I was in the city and when I was listening to Lady Holiday. Her voice and soul echoed the way I was feeling. The experiences were different, I wasn't living the life she sang about, but I felt I understood the mood she was in.

The video above is one of my favorite songs, My Man [for reasons all my own]...hope you enjoy it too.


  1. she is indeed incredible!

    i feel soooo sleepy now! so relaxing!

    the piano - now *that's* "tickling the ivories". beautiful.

    thanks for playing!

  2. She does have a great voice. I LOVE when certain songs or albums have such specific memories, it's the BEST. I'm so glad you remembered this week! ;)

  3. Isn't it amazing that a song can carry us through a time in our life. Loved your pick and your reasons!

  4. They just don't make 'em like that anymore. Wonderful!

  5. Amazing song. I would love to have heard her sing live at some point. What a great song to grow up on!


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