Not Me...Party Time!!

Oh the joy of denial, the fun in convincing myself that I am perfectly peachy.
MckMama can direct you to many other bloggy friends who are also practically perfect in every way....check it out and maybe even play along....I'm telling you its fun!!


I did not freak out on Saturday afternoon at Jack's party when everyone started showing up early. I did not then realize that the guests were showing up on time and I was running late.

I was not elated by the 15+ little ones wreaking havoc having fun at my son's first birthday party. Of course it was a calm and serene scene - a study in the well mannered child that would make any behaviorist quiver.

I did not completely forget to take pictures of the birthday cakes before they were cut. I am not relying on my FIL to send me all the pictures he took, nor do I fear that it will months before I get to see them.

I am not planning on doing several posts about Jack's party because there is so much I want to show you...but I forgot to take pictures. I am going to just post about it once...

I did not burp while Tommy was sitting on my lap. When I said "excuse me" Tommy did not then rub his head and declare "ewwwww...you burped on my head", this did not continue for several minutes (him eww-ing not me burping....seriously....).

I did not just admit to all the blogosphere that I burped on my son's head, I am a lady, always a lady and I do not burp, not ever!!

I did not finally start my Etsy shop today. I am not doing it to coincide with El at Profoundly Seth and her wonderful fundraising campaign/giveaway. (Go check her out NOW!). I am not terrified to actually be doing this. I am not planning to post more about this later once I have the "store" a little more stocked. I am not looking at the pictures and the items I posted, and as always thinking they are not good enough. It is not these thoughts that have held me back from starting this in the first place. I am not terrified that everyone will agree with these sentiments...

I did not write this post about why my home is such a mess, I do not hope that everyone reads it before visiting my home so I don't have to explain in person why it is a pit and so that I don't have to actually clean it either :)


So as I mentioned above, El at Profoundly Seth is holding this amazing raffle in honor of her boys Seth and Eli, and to raise money to help with Seth's upcoming surgery, and to raise money for Rhyan's Hope and Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. Definitely head on over and check her out. The raffle prize is beyond amazing, and there are "promoter" prizes as well, donated by other bloggers who want to support El, her family, and these amazing charities (I actually have two items included in the giveaway).


The Party...Part 1

Gift Bags.
I knew I didn't have a huge budget or tons of time to devote to making decorations that would go unappreciated or treats that would be devoured not admired. The one item I could think of that would be fun to add a personal touch to, and be appreciated were the favor bags. I was thrilled when the buggy theme bit me and then inspiration grabbed me. It took me a couple weeks of working after the boys went to bed, an hour here and an hour there...here is the final product:

Each bag was filled with minature Play-Doh containers, bubbles, some Dum-Dum lollipops and some stickers. The final cost for each bag was minimal, but to see the little table covered with all these little bugs was so fun!!

The Outfits

If you know me IRL you know that my boys are often found in matching outfits, and are almost always in a new or special outfit for the special occaisions. What is more special than Jack's first birthday?

The Tee's

Little white pocket Tee's - I bought iron-on sheets that I could put through the printer and personalized their little shirts. I am so happy with how these came out!!! I really wish I had pictures of the boys in their shirts but of course I didn't manage to get one, at least not one you can see.

Here is Jack modelling the whole look. As soon as I saw the hoodies in Target I knew I needed to get them, I was thrilled when I found little shoes with the same colors.

So that's all for now. I have a lot to do and it is late....but don't worry pictures of the actual festivites will be coming soon. I just want to get pictures everyone else took too. I was so busy being mommy/hostess that I didn't take as many as I would have liked to.


  1. Burping on your son's head...hilarious! I am so not laughing out loud :) Have a great Monday!

  2. Um...I NEVER burp on my kids heads...ever..except today, yesterday..(I think you get it.)

    Sounds like a fun day for all.


  3. Happy Not Me! Monday. Glad to hear you had a great party, and can't wait to see pictures. Also, congrats on your Etsy shop!!! Can't wait for more updates there too. How exciting!!

  4. Glad the party went well...Can not wait to hear more about your etsy shop...

  5. That looks like a wonderful party - I love the party bags and the t-shirts! Note to self - be more like Liz.

  6. Those party bags were awesome...Great job. Can't wait to check out your etsy site. Love the pocket T's.
    I can't believe tht you burped on your son's head. lOL Atleast it wasn't a toot. LOL

  7. Girl ,you are so crafty!!!I love the party bags! I can't wait to read more!

  8. Natey still wants to carry around his bag. I had to remove the bubbles and playdoh for more supervised moments, but he knows they're missing!! He keeps looking in the bag and then back at me. It was cracking me up. We had a grest time, even with the minor incidents!

  9. Sounds like everyone had a great time...and you survived! The bug bags are so cute and clever. I know the kids enjoyed them! Jack was looking very sharp in his little outfit. Looking forward to seeing all the pics!

  10. awwww sweet 1st birthday! Love the favor bags!!

    yayyy for starting your Etsy shop! I am excited to check it out!!

  11. great not me monday, isn't it funny how time can get away from you like that when you think everybody is early and its you that is late

  12. Cute pics...and LOL at the burping!

  13. Sounds like something I would do on the running late part... Cute gift bags!!


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