The Perfect Day: The Extended Edition

I have had a weekend long blogging hiatus, and now, being Sunday night, I am making up for lost time...yup this will be my 4th post today...I'm ok with that :)

What I was doing tonight...

Musical Monday

Random Picture Challenge

I Heart Faces


I am trying to figure out how to do a "Recent Posts" widget on my side bar...if you know and want to clue me in I'd love it, I am planning a blog makeover for myself some time soon and am looking for some new fun stuff for my sidebars.


I came home on Friday - ordered pizza and planned for the perfect day (or what was left of it). For once things went as planned. In fact the entire weekend was all I could have hoped for. We didn't do everything we had planned, but we had wonderful family time. Got to see some very good friends who were down from Vermont, and even had some grown up time Saturday night. Today was rainy - it was a perfect rainy spring day, meant for cleaning and lounging (well mostly lounging :)

Of course I took a million pictures this weekend - mostly Saturday during the day - I had planned to take pics when we went out, and more with our friends, but apparently when my favorite two models are gone so is my desire to take pictures. (the boys went to stay with grandmas last night - Tommy with Bobo and Jack with Nana)

And of course I am going to share my pictures with you. Why tell you about our weekend when you can enjoy the highlights without all the work!!

Daddy did this with the fridge magnets

Friday night bubbles

Seriously?! They say he is underweight!! Look at that belly!!

Tommy wanted me to take a picture of his breakfast - we love pancakes!!

In the car with mommy

King of the slide

Climbing the "mountain"

This used to be a fire pit (with a copper bowl) we are preparing to fill it in

A much needed break on a busy busy day

The dirty face of a happy boy!!

We had no idea he liked carrots!!
Our buddy Ben

What I'm Wearing...

Snuggling with Angela at the end of a fun day


  1. Your little guys are growing up so fast!
    I love the pic of you 'wearing' your baby. What a beautiful wrap! :)

  2. What a great wearer Jack is! Can't believe how fast he is growing as well as Tommy! Time sure does fly.

  3. Love the bubbles and dirty faces especially! AND the what you are wearing shot! Priceless! :)

  4. Great pictures! I can't get over how Tommy is growing...he's got more of a "boy" look now instead of the "toddler" look...know what I mean?

    Glad you guys had a fun weekend...

  5. Looks like it definitely was a fabulous weekend. Wish I could get T to agree to being "worn". Every time I try (even as an infant), she has a fit.

  6. Sounds like fun..and I'm LOVING all of these pictures!

  7. What a cute blog full of lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing! I found your link on Mom Dot. Hope you have a great day!



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