Perfect Day

Well at least now it is.  I am home from work (at a decent time) the pizza is being delivered, the boys are on their way and it is absolutely gorgeous out!!  We are going to play in the yard and clean - and probably listen to some music.  What more could I ask for.  

My heart is happy...
I love my family...
Time to go enjoy the sunshine!!!


  1. Send me some of that sun! I live in Houston for goodness sake. Where is my pretty Southern Texas sun? It's been gone for days now. But, you know, it's still 80 degrees!! Ha! Oh, and you know, the heats good friend, Humidity, is still hanging around, too! Enjoy your beautiful day!

  2. You have gorgeous weather??? We've had several days of rain...again...with cool temperatures. I'm sick. I'm freezing. And...I'm a little jealous! ;o) Just kidding. Enjoy your day!

  3. I hope you have a great carefree family weekend.

  4. Sounds like the perfect day to me too. Have a fun time.

  5. That post made me smile! I hope you're off having an incredible and relaxing weekend!


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