She Sew Crazy

Meet Bailey Bunny
She's friends with Olivia OwlThey kept me company while I made these


  1. Wow, those turned out so awesome! You made those animals too??

  2. Great job! I especially like the apron with the pears. The little animals are so cute!

  3. Love the animals...SEW great!!! And the aprons too!

  4. What I really want to know is where you find all the time to do this while working full time, being a mother to two young boys, wife and blogger? I'm tired just thinking about it!

  5. You are so crafty and creative Liz! I can't even sew a button : ) LOL

    Hey, do you think you could change the colors on my blog? I want to put a different picture, and change the colors and background design but leave the layout the same.

    I love the pale yellow you have on here, and I love brown, green, orange, and teal blue. I have some ideas if you want to chat about it.


  6. Look at you go!

    And here I am with a quilt top that I hoped to finish for my two year old for this winter. Maybe I'll get it done before NEXT winter! :o)

  7. Can I say, sew cute?! Just found your blog, can't remember how, now. Anyway. Love to find other moms of boys. I think you have a future in handmade goodies b/c these little numbers are AWESOME!


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