Tribute Tuesday: No Cheap Brew Here!!

My tribute this week is to the RI Beer Snobs

Do you love a good brew (does your husband). Well these two guys don't just love a good brew, the blog about them...and on occasion they brew them for themselves.

Meet Dan (yup of my husband fame)

and Mike (of Oakland Beach fame....)

These two guys are beer snobs and proud of it. Be warned should you show up at our door with a can of beer....they won't turn you away, but your beer may be hidden as you have micro after micro thrust upon you while you are schooled in the fine art of ales, lagers, stouts, and witbiers.

Now don't get me wrong....they aren't mean...it is all in good fun...although our friend who brought over the Heineken's might disagree...but at least he is still a friend.

So if you like a good beer and like to read about brews and possibly where to get them (at least in RI anyway) go check out these two fabulous [new] bloggers.

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  1. Dan has come to the dark side...blogging! Ha ha! Good for him!


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