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1.) I used to think...

I used to think that marriage was simply about love
I used to think that motherhood was about raising a kid or two
I would like to think that I know better now.

2.) List ten things you can do in three minutes.

So here are ten things I can do individually in three minutes

  1. Whip up batter for buttermilk pancakes (they are a staple in this house)
  2. Change two diapers (different kid, same kid - either way)
  3. Start and then stop and ignore the laundry (actually I get this done in mere seconds)
  4. Complain enough to get my husband to do the dishes
  5. Get ready for work (I have been known to sleep in - lets just say I am not my prettiest on these days)
  6. Go through several wardrobe changes once I have already declared myself "ready" when going out with the hubby
  7. Get a 2 year old and a 1 year old dressed
  8. Find all 4 "blankets" that currently reside in our home for the cranky toddler
  9. Read 10 blog posts, write 1, and IM my hubby on facebook (yes I IM my hubby on facebook - usually we are sitting one room apart - the other day we were sitting next to each other on the couch...anything for a cheap laugh I guess)
  10. Take the laptop into the bathroom for some quiet time in the only room in the house off limits to kids and spouses while "in use" (a girl's gotta do what she can to get some blog time!!)
And here are ten things, all of which I can get done in three minutes
  1. Start a blog post
  2. search for a pic to go with it
  3. rename the post
  4. find a new pic
  5. start typing
  6. erase
  7. type again
  8. lose the picture I thought I found
  9. hate the words I typed
  10. turn off the damn computer and go get a glass of wine

3.) Describe a time you allowed your child to do something that you normally would not let slide.

4.) I want to become friends with...
I don't have an answer for this one that isn't very Miss-America-interview-response-ish, so I'll skip it all together

5.) What are you currently fascinated with?
My boys.  They blow my mind sometimes.  I am amazed that in one short year how deeply and honestly they already love each other.  Want to make Jack smile - have Tommy walk in the room.  If Jack goes to bed and we don't tell Tommy we have to answer (multiple times no doubt) "Where's Jackie?".  Tommy already has given Jack a nickname.  No one calls him Jackie - Tommy gave him that name and I love it.  I am so amazed with the instant bond of brotherhood.  It was love at first sight - I don't doubt they will be life long friends, not just brothers.  I love to just sit and watch them interact, watch Jack grab Tommy's hair, face, hand, whatever he can reach.  Watch Tommy [selectively] share his toys with Jack and try to get Jack to play with him.  I am absolutely fascinated by these two little boys and their love for each other - and often times overwhelmed with love and joy at the fact they are my boys.


  1. Great job...i love reading your weekly writing fun. You are good with the 3minute thing. I think it takes me 30minutes to get my husband to agree to do the dishes and then he says later and forgets. LOL

  2. Those are great answers!! I love those writing assignments:-)

  3. Wow, you can get a lot done in 3 minutes!! I'd have to think really hhard about what I could get done these days. i swear I have entered slow mo phase right now!

  4. I liked the all in three minutes list. The only thing you forgot to add was walk off and forget that you even started the post until the next day. {*grin*}

  5. Wow you did all or them! I couldn't even get the 3 minute list together in 3 minutes!

  6. Thanks for the fun read!
    I randomly clicked on your name from Mama Kat's Mr. Linky ;)

  7. That was great!! I can "Go through several wardrobe changes once I have already declared myself "ready" when going out with the hubby" and it totally drives my husband positively nutty!!

  8. I did this last week. I had fun doing it. I think it is amazing how your children do change. I never know what my little on will do next. Have a great day.

  9. Your 3 minute blog post sounds about how I start all of mine!


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