Why My Husband Rocks

Well this is the only reason, but one of many.

I am sitting here blogging and sewing (really I am going back and forth between the two)

He walks out to refill his beer (its for research...seriously....come back on Tuesday and I'll explain more :) and he comes in with this...

If you can't taste it from there, its a white russian....our drink du jour...he even added a little chocolate syrup for me...

I love this man!!!


  1. Me too
    Does he have a brother? Oh no..never mind I am married. Ok how about this..can he have a talk with Jim? LOL

  2. None of that for me!!! Unless you want me to sleep for 6 days...wait a minute...that might be my sleep deprivasion problem ;)

  3. What does it have in it? It's gotta be good if it has chocolate in it. LOL! Have you tried adding more flour to your pasta for Fetuccini. Several people had to keep adding a little flour when it felt moist. Try it again you can do it! Guess what I'm asking for for my birthday. PASTA MACHINE!

  4. Looks good, but I am not sure what is in it...sounds like it might knock me out for a few. LOL
    What a sweet man you have there...taking care of you so kindly:)

  5. okay I am just trying to figure out how to sew and blog at the same time

  6. I'm not into White Russians, but how sweet of him to take care of you! Bill makes my coffee for me every morning, even though he never touches the stuff! It's the little things that matter the most, eh?


  7. I love when they do things just because! How great for him and you!


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