A Beautiful Afternoon

Tomorrow morning the boys will be leaving the house by 8am...they will be out of the house until Saturday when I go to pick them up. I will miss them, but I am looking forward to some time to clean and some time to be with my honey.

Today, however, they were home, and this afternoon when we were all back at the house we packed up the car and went to the park to play and just enjoy each other thoroughly.

This is why my page is being filled with monkies
because my life is filled with monkies

This is why we try to hide the sharpies...I much prefer soap!!Fortunately we caught him before he colored much more than himself (face included) and the TV..oh and if you are curious diaper wipes do a great job of getting sharpie off a toddler.

Good Night All!!

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  1. A day away from the kids is a blessing. You can recharge and remember why you love them so much!

  2. Looks like the boys had fun! Enjoy your break!

  3. Too cute. I think we all have had a run in with Sharpies and kids. Not fun. LOL
    I need a monkey page background too...well just a 1/3 I guess, since I only have 1 boy.
    Great pictures of them having fun.

  4. those are some great pictures

    thankyou for sharing the happenings of yor monkeys with us

  5. Nathan got the floor but luckily it was washable marker. I'm not exactly sure why they say they are washable though. I couldn't get it off his hands for 2 days. Have a nice date night with Dan and enjoy our taste of summer the next few days!!

  6. so good that you know the secret to the clean up

  7. ahhhhh.they are precious....love the hands all decorated....gotta love boys....Happy SITS day

  8. Hello from SITS!
    Grabbing your button!

  9. Just reading through your post makes me tired! ha! But they are adorable as always.

    Speaking of buttons, I should probably grab the new one...

  10. Okay, so I had insomnia last night and played around with html codes and was able to do quite a bit myself. I am stuck with two things and would love it if you could tell me how to do it (or just fix it for me) because it is driving me crazy! I want to get rid of the pink line that goes between the right sidebar and the main post. Then I want the right side to match up to the lines of the header the way the left sidebar does.

    Then I want there to be a little bit of space between the sidebars and the main post--while keeping the background of the (sidebars and post) white--no pink lines in between.

    Let me know if you can do it. Thanks : )

  11. I'm glad you had such a fun afternoon! The pics are great...I love the pic of Jack with the red cap. The expression on his face is so cute!Tommy sure looks guilty with that Sharpie all over him. LOL I'm glad it came out!

  12. NO sharpies. Sharpies are EVIL!

    I just realized I never answered your email. *le sigh* I will go look for it! I'm sorry that I'm a slacker.

  13. Think your monkeys had a lot of fun on the bars. By the way, wipes are less effective for door Picassos.

  14. You have the cutest boys, I swear! I love their blue, blue eyes!

  15. Great park shots, and what fun. I feel your pain on the sharpie thing.


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