The Date

The darling hubby and I were lucky enough to have all day together on Friday. We worked, we cleaned, we just enjoyed each other's company. And we prepared...Friday night was the long awaited date night!!

We shower and change, get all primped and pimped. We went to dinner, we went to our friend's bar and watched another friend's band. Then we headed up to Providence to go to our favorite little hole in the wall....and the bar that Dan's hockey coach works at. We saw a couple parking spots on the street, but then we noticed the wide open parking lot (red flag!!) and decided it was safer so we parked there...there were no signs, no baricades...just an open lot. A couple of hours of pool and hanging out and we were ready to go....sadly our car had already gone. 2 miles away to a tow lot!!! Fortunately for us, Coach was able to give us a lift to the ATM (of course they only took cash) and then to the lot....and fortunate for us it was not freezing out as we stood outside the gated lot, staring longingly at our sweet silver Jetta. A half out later, we freed our car, went home, and fell into bed.

I wish the storey ended there. Let me tell you that in the 10 years that I have known Dan he has NEVER puked, at least not that I am aware of. Friday night (actually Saturday morning....very very very early) he broke that streak. I was sound asleep when I felt him jump up and dash downstairs. Poor guy was sick all day on Saturday. Fortunately I had already made plans to be out with the little guys all day so he could just stay home and be miserable. We are even more fortunate that it was actually very short lived, by Sunday he was much much better!! We really aren't quite sure what it was, but we think it was mild food poisoning.....anyway.....

That's how we do it....never a dull moment for this family...even when we just have a quiet date planned!!


  1. Oh wow, quite the weekend! Ha, I bet you were happy to relax by Sunday!

  2. So sorry your husband got sick - but at least it sounds like a great day and date before that!

  3. That sucks! I hate parking in Providence! Aaron got the rental towed in SF to the tune of 255 dollars + a $70 ticket to boot. The dang tickets ended up costing us more than the renatl car! Sorry Dan got sick, but hey 10 years of no puking is a darn good record. :o)

  4. What a yucky ending to what sounds like a perfect date night.

  5. Sounds like quite a night! I'm glad you had fun, sorry about the car being towed and Dan getting sick, though. Glad he's better, and glad you were able to get your car right away...shew!

  6. Sounds like it was the perfect date night.. until the end. I hope you had fun before everything went wrong. And I'm glad that your husband is feeling better now. Food poisoning is awful!


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