I Think Its Official

I am truly an addict....It has been 3 days since my last post...I swear I have the shakes....

I am lying in bed...to tired and achy to move...it is 9:15 and I am ready for sleep, but I want to blog (seriously I think I need help).  My camera is right there...but the cable is downstairs, so I have no photos to share...and what is a story without a pic...right?

I will tell you it has been a wonderful fun family filled weekend - we have played with our new toys (a new camera, a new GPS) - we have cleaned the yard - we have gone hiking - and we are happily paying for all of this outdoor activity with some healthy exercise induced exhaustion.  

So for now I leave you....wanting for more (hopefully)....having to wait until sometime tomorrow night when I can show you all the fabulousness of the weather and my new camera.

oh...and yes I feel better now...


Edit:  I've decided to throw myself into a Favorite Things Swap....so fun!!


  1. Sweet Dreams Liz :) Yes, I am an addict for the blog too. I feel the need to see who has updated all the time and commenting sure drives me too. Hope you have a great Monday!

  2. Looking forward to seeing your spring photos!

  3. We all have those addictions...why else would we be on here!!! ;) Can't wait for some new pictures!

  4. Where is the picture. I mean come on..get your lazy butt up ..go get the cord and show me the picture.

    Okay that was me being stern..did it work? It does not ever work with my kids. LOL

    How about this.

    Dear Liz..
    My dear sweet swap and blog buddy.
    I hope you rest well..and I will be waiting here for the picture. OKay?

  5. Of course we're looking forward to all you have to say and share tomorrow. Glad you had a great weekend!

  6. I love new toys too. Can't wait to see your new camera.

  7. I will wait. But only because you told me to and I like you so much.

    I know that it will be worth it! :)


  8. I got the same feeling while on vacation.I couldn't get the internet to work and I was freaking out:)

  9. New camera?! Yay! I look forward to more pictures as well. And I understand. I put up a post without a picture in it this morning, and I feel badly about that. ha!

  10. Sounds like a fun weekend...I don't blame you for wanting to stay in the bed. I'd be worn out, too!

    Looking forward to hearing more...



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