I've Been Spring-i-fied

So much to say....and I just don't feel like posting multiple times tonight....if you are curious about my weekly writing assignment....keep on scrolling....but feel free to read what's in between if it catches your fancy. I would like to think you wouldn't be disappointed.


The wonderful and lovely That Girl (Whitney) hosted a fantastic spring swap. I decided...why not....could be fun.

I emailed, I signed up, and I was given a swap partner.

How thrilled what I when I got the email...my partner....my friend....Amy!!!

How thrilled was I when I opened my package...I mean...WOW!!!

The moment I started to unwrap the box I could smell the goodies!! Lotions and candles, and lovely room scents. Notepads and journals, and magnetic word art.....I mean....WOW!!!

Thank you so much sweet friend....I love it all!!!


Now...for all of you that may be intrigued I have a question....if I was to host a summer swap would you be interested? I am on the fence about it, but if there is interest I would love to do it. I think it is such a fun idea....What do you think?


I skipped last week...playing along again....Mama has given us our assignments...lets see what I can do...

Are you always right?
Yes....you can even ask my husband...and be sure to let him know [before he answers] that you will be reporting back to me ;)

Why did you do it?

May 1998 - It had been a tough nine or ten months. I was moving out of a house, out of an unhealthy relationship, out of a bit of a nightmare. I was moving into my own apartment, a place of my own. It was tiny (a converted attic), there was nowhere in my new home where you could stand tall if you were over 6'3". My "bed" was a twin mattress on a platform, my fridge was a dorm fridge on a diet. It was mine, my home. I wanted to do something special, something for me, something to signify this moment, this day.

I pulled that small square of paper out of my pocket, this little image that lived with me and travelled with me for over a year and a half, I took this page and went for a drive. I stopped once...didn't like him....I stopped a second time and I was done....I found what I was looking for and was forever and permanently changed.

[FYI...it is really really hard to take a picture of the tattoo, on your wrist, your right wrist, when you are right handed!]


  1. What nice gifts you got from the swap. How fun!

  2. Wow,what a swap, looks like a bunch of great stuff.

    I'm with Michelle, I want to know what the symbol means too...

  3. Hi Liz!
    I'm popping over from SITS! Like the above commentors said...I'd love to know what your tattoo means or symbolizes. Have a good one!

  4. i almost got a tat of the chinese symbol for "strength" when i got out of my bad relationship. i don't know what stopped me. instead,i ripped out the belly button ring he made me get...

  5. What does it represent? I can't tell if you regret it or not! Do you???

  6. What a fun swap! You got some great gifts. The tatoo is cool. I couldn't ever get one I don't think because I change my mind way too often. I'd end up being stuck with something I didn't like.

  7. Hi- just stopping by to say hi. I am a first time participant. Check out my non profit website
    We need help spreading the word


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