Last night

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I discovered that two vodka tonics ( my drink of choice) are officially two too many!!


But really last night I realized that my marriage isn't about the passion, its not about the heat or the moment, or that thrilling stay up all night conversation.

My marriage, my love, is about this one person other than me.  This wonderful person who I can tell anything.  The only one that knows my every secret and does not love me in spite of it but loves me because of it.  The one who can listen to my secrets, who can read my lips in a crowded room and know what I have said.  The one who laughs with me, at me.  The one who makes me smile even when I want to just be angry.

My marriage is about me and the one person who never makes me feel judged, who lets me yell and scream and hugs me anyway, its about my lovely husband who loves me for me, faults and all. 

I love my marriage, and I love my husband.  I am so glad we got to have our wonderful date night together (even if it did end with my car being towed....don't worry I'll fill you in later...)


  1. Yes, marriage is a fun time isn't it!!! That tow job sounds like it might have been a great story!!!!Happy Saturday!

  2. hey girlie I tagged you

    gorgeous photo up there!!

  3. This is so sweet! :o) Sorry about the car, though.

  4. You go girl! What an inspiring post! :) You, my friend, are an inspiration...

  5. I love this post about marriage. I came over from the Duck Pond and am so glad that I found this blog!

    Sorry about the car. I will have to keep checking back so I can find out what happened.

  6. I am also so thankful for having such an understanding husband. Because I never act a little crazy!Can't wait to read about the car being towed.

  7. Great interview over at Duck Pond.

    I know that as I get older, my ability to drink is not what it used to be. I'm usually done after one martini.

  8. Great Post -- Thanks for sharing! Love the wedding picture. I grabbed your button.


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